Polish for ‘Water (of Life)’

The Gaelic term is ‘usige beatha’; the English call it ‘uisge’; in Latin it’s ‘aquavitae’; the French call it ‘Eau de Vie’; the Scot’s moniker is ‘usquebaugh’; the Russians, Voda. The term ‘water of life’ was coined centuries ago, when people believed a little nip of intoxicating ‘water’ could prolong one’s life. There is no existing standard for the final version (the juice in the bottle) of the term ‘water of life’, for the heady variety and complexity of so many styles of Distilled Spirits continues to astound.

Now, however, there is a standard by which one may make a basis for comparison. The new Wódka, imported by Panache USA is simply Vodka, unpretentious and clean.

We tasted Wódka,a rye-based vodka,against a variety of other ryes as well as those made from sugar-cane, wheat, combo grain, corn, soy, grape and even apple. We tasted it against Vodkas that are twice-to nine-times distilled, filtered, unfiltered, hand-crafted (alembic), column-distilled and a combination of both.

What we like about Wódka is that it is a ‘no-frills’ plainly elegant vodka-without allusion or claim to be anything more than it is, simply Vodka. We like it right down to the sort of ‘rustic’ label, which reflects its equally simple roots. We like variety and Wódka is refreshingly so; no long fiery finish, rather, a wonderfully smooth spirit, simple to enjoy. What we like the most about it is that it’s a premium vodka at a less than premium price (under $10 for a 750)!

Wódka is a great starting point for novice aficionados and likely it’ll be the brand that consumers will continue to stock, as each wends their way through the variety of vodkas on the market.

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