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Spirits of Mexico Press Release August 26, 2005

The History… the generations, the heritage, the legends, the people, the culture, the heart of the agave…the Mexican spirit is encased in each sumptuous drop of Tequila, Mezcal and Sotol. On September 15, the eve of Mexican Independence Day, celebrate this heritage at the Spirits of Mexico in San Diego ’s Old Town . More than 60 Blancos, Reposados, Anejos, Liqueurs, Cremes and Specialty products are waiting to pamper your palate.

Legends abound …Tequila's origins can be traced back to the Tiquilas, a Nahuatl-speaking tribe of Aztecs (200 AD). They established the settlement of Tequila, about 45 miles northwest of Guadalajara , Jalisco, at the foot of a dormant volcano. According to legend, a lightning bolt was sent down by the gods. It struck the blue agave, a spiny cactus-like plant, splitting the heart open and cooking the sap. Believing this was a message from the gods, the Aztecs drank the sap and discovered a sweet, milky drink.

The Legends… Tequila Cazadores In 1922, Don Jose Maria hid his (Cazadores Tequila) formula in a small wooden box inside the adobe walls of his farm. His son Leon Banuelos promised that he would not open his father’s box until he had made the irrevocable decision to put into practice all the truths within. Being unable to do so, he passed it on to his son, Felix and in 1973, their first distillery was built in Arandas.

The History … The 200+-year-old Jose Cuervo y Compania, producer of Tequila 1800 and Gran Centenario, is the oldest distiller in Mexico. Tequila Herradura, producer of TequilaHerradura and El Jimador, is the 2 nd oldest & Tequila Sauza founded in 1873, is a relative newcomer. Sauza’s presentations include Blanco, Extra Gold, Hornitos, Hacienda, TresGeneraciones’s Blanco,Reposado and Anejo as well as Kahlua and Kahlua Especial.

The Heart… Corazon For generations the Plascencia family has been growing agave. In 1996 the completion of Destiladora San Nicolas fulfilled the dreams of Don Celso Plascencia by creating a tequila of the highest quality - Corazón de Agave.

The Generations …Agave Tequilana Productores (AT) of Jalisco produces Oro Azul tequila on a 3,000 acre estate owned and operated by the Lopez Garibay family, who have been in the tequila business for over 100 years.