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The Polished Palate Increases Its Pledge for Sky Ranch!

Since 1960, the leaders of America ’s alcohol beverage industry have worked together to provide and support a unique facility for troubled teens at Sky Ranch for Boys. The 3,000 acre working ranch and special education school on the South Dakota-Montana border has given thousands of kids a second chance and a fresh approach. Members and friends of the alcohol beverage industry hold numerous events each year to help the boys being cared for at Sky Ranch. The Polished Palate is proud to join this fantastic tradition as we pioneer new venues and concepts to help teach responsible adults about the many wonders offered by the worldwide spirits industry.

The Sky Ranch Foundation owns the facility used by Sky Ranch for Boys and coordinates nationwide fundraising and publicity. Their work has been supported by the Polished Palate through Silent Auctions held at each Polished Palate tasting. Auction items, often rare and valuable collectibles, are generously donated by a broad spectrum of spirits companies, from one-brand firms to those with multiple products. Auctions also feature art, jewelry, products for home entertaining and more. To-date, events have earned an average of $2,000 for the Foundation.

Starting in the Fall of 2006, the Polished Palate will additionally donate $7.50 for each VIP ticket purchased for their four (4) scheduled Fall 2006 events to the Sky Ranch Foundation. The goal is to raise an average of $3,000+ per event from the auctions and ticket sales.

Each Polished Palate event focuses on a specific spirits category, from Rum to Vodka & Gin to Tequila & Mezcal, and attendees hail from budding aficionados to connoisseurs. The Spirits of Mexico in San Diego takes place at the San Diego Wine & Culinary Center on September 16, the 185 th celebration of Mexican Independence Day and features Tequilas, Mezcals and more top shelf brands. RumFest and VodkaFest-with Gin take place in New York City at Valbella, in Manhattan ’s fashionable Meat Packing district on October 16 and October 23 respectively. And, VodkaFest-with Gin takes place in Tampa on November 18 at the venerable Cuban Club in Ybor City .

The Foundation offers through-the-year programs including the ‘Plant A Tree Program’ and seasonal items such as Christmas Cards, the proceeds of which go to Sky Ranch. For specifics on individual donations to Sky Ranch Foundation contact Duncan Cameron at Sky Ranch Foundation ( or Dori Bryant of Polished Palate ( See the Polished Palate site for a list of upcoming events.

Most of the boys at Sky Ranch have been referred by courts or social service agencies and suffer from a variety of emotional, behavioral, learning, and social adaptation problems. More than 90 percent of the boys sent to Sky Ranch successfully complete the program requirements, most within a year of placement .

Sky Ranch Foundation and The Polished Palate thank those who have generously contributed to helping make Sky Ranch a success!