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5 Stars…Superb! Highly Recommended!
From F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal

F. Paul Pacult notes, “…a product of extraordinary quality, scope and character which transcends price…”

Sea Wynde is an incredible marriage of pure pot still rums from Jamaica and Guyana .

Crafting the Perfect Rum …

For centuries, the finest rums in the world were made in pot stills. This costly and time-consuming method produces rum with rich and complex flavors. Traditionally, pot still rums from several different origins were married together to produce the most coveted rums. Rum made by marrying only pure pot still rums had all but vanished.

Read what everyone is saying about Sea Wynde Rum

"Sea Wynde, a deliciously mellow rum distilled like a Cognac
in copper alembic, should not be mixed with anything.
It's a sipping rum, fragrant with the subtle aromas of sandlewood, anise,
cinnamon and coffee, with a lingering honeyed aftertaste."
Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

"If you're in the market for a rare and singular rum, the likes of which hasn't been seen in more than three decades, then look no further than ultra-premium Sea Wynde Pot Still Rum, a Caribbean rum crafted in a traditional style made famous by British Royal Navy...The Sea Wynde blend is comprised of five remarkable, yet very different pure pot still rums. They are distilled in Jamaica and Guyana , aged in oak barrels between 5 and 11 years. There may not be a more eminently satisfying rum than Sea Wynde. It is in all respects near perfection. Sea Wynde has a marvelous, full body, a generous bouquet and a palate bursting at the seams with the flavors of vanilla, honey, fruit, and roasted coffee. Its long, warm and sultry finish is reminiscent of an aged malt whisky."
Robert Plotkin, Bar Media

Origins in Jamaica and Guyana

Jamaica and Guyana have long been home to the world's best rums. Sea Wynde is an astonishing marriage of five pure pot still rums from these countries. This elegant recipe produces a rum of honeyed richness and subtle complexity, which distinguishes it from all other rums. It is the only rum in the world made entirely from pot still rums from the Caribbean and South America . These rums combine to create Sea Wynde’s signature smooth, full-bodied taste.