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Sangrita Real™

Sangrita Real

Sangrita Real™ is America's first all-natural beverage drink that intensifies your Tequila drinking experience!

Many American and worldwide consumers enjoy tequila today. However, most of us do not have the luxury of going to Mexico and actually learning the ideal method to tequila drinking, first created in the Mexican state of Jalisco over 60 years ago

All that you need are two "shot glasses" or tequila glasses known as caballitos. You fill one glass with your favorite tequila and the other glass with Sangrita Real. Always have slices of lime available and salt (if you like) to taste.

Step 1: Take a bite of your lime with salt and keep the juice in your mouth.

Step 2: Sip your tequila and keep in mouth mixed with the lime.

Step 3: Sip Sangrita Real and wash down to enjoy the most incredible mix of tastes!

NOTE: I had the pleasure of tasting Sangrita Real for the first time last year. It was served cocktail style and worked quite well.