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Liquid Living Magazine

Cocktail Challenge

By Dave Broom

“No other spirit can make you quite so happy in just being alive.”

From the Introduction

The world has fallen in love all over again with rum. Despite the popularity of this complex spirit, RUM (cloth, $35.00), is the first full-color reference book to describe this popular spirit. Written by wine and spirit expert and award-winning writer Dave Broom, RUM was the recipient of the 2004 Glenfiddich Food and Drink Award for Best Drink Book. Whether you have a hankering for the best spiced rum on the market, want to match rums with cigars, or learn how to concoct the perfect Cairpirinha or Classic Rum Flip, RUM will provide expert knowledge and instruction. Copies of RUM will be availableat RumFest 2005.

In his spirited text, expert Dave Broom explores the colorful history of rum from its beginnings among slaves in the Caribbean to its rediscovery today. He probes the intricacies of pure rum by individual island or country in which each variety was first made, illuminating the role of microclimate and distinct production techniques in determining style and flavor. Following the chapters on pure rum, there is also a section covering the multitude of blended and spiced rums on the market, showing what has led to their creation and how they are made and sold. The final selection is a detailed A-Z directory of rum distilleries and societies illustrated with selected labels, a collection of vintage recipes for rum drinks and the author’s own tasting notes and star rating.

Illustrated with specially commissioned photographs taken throughout the Caribbean, RUM is the ultimate resource for the professional or barstool connoisseur of this intriguing drink. RUM can be purchased at RumFest 2005, online at www.abbeville.com, or at your local bookstore.


Dave Broom is an award-winning drink writer. Among his books are Drink! Never Mind the Peanuts, winner of the Glenfiddich Drink Book of the Year 2002, as well as the Handbook of Whisky, Spirits & Cocktails, and The Connoisseur’s Guide to Whisky, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. He also contributes to leading publications, discusses drinks on television, and serves as a judge for spirits competitions.