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Prichard's Fine Rum

Made in copper pot stills similar in design and using techniques of the masters of old, Prichard’s Fine Rum may be an accurate recreation of that ancient spirit and return to tradition of distilling hand crafted spirits and rum as it was meant to be. Using only Tennessee ’s crystal clear spring water, Prichard ’s uses only ‘Grade A Fancy” molasses from the plantations of Louisiana . Considerably more expensive than regular molasses, its mild flavor and pleasant aroma are passed through the still imparting a smooth and tasteful character to the finished spirit.

“Medium amber hue. Somewhat vaporous nose with buttered caramel corn aromas. A quick, slightly grainy, entry leads to a dryish, light-to medium body with light toffee and cocoa notes. Finishes quickly” (Source Beverage Testing Institute)

“I finally made it back to the northern 48 and can honestly say that I liked Prichard's Fine Rum. When you consider where it's made you'll have to appreciate that it could be confused with a fine whiskey at first taste due to the freshly toasted oak barrels, almost all Caribbean rum is aged in once used barrels from the states or Europe.

Further, Prichard ’s Fine Rum was selected as a Rum of the Month on Ministry of Rum listed as follows…  

“One of the few rums distilled in the US , Prichards Fine Rum comes from the only legal rum distillery in Tennessee . Distilled from Grade A fancy (food grade) molasses. Prichard 's is distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in new, 18 gallon, charred white oak barrels. And in the tradition of great spirits, Prichard 's ages and then bottles their rum at cask strength, without diluting the rum which also dilutes the rich flavor and color of the spirit.

The deep amber color is inviting and is the prelude to a very drinkable spirit. I discovered a subtle tropical floral nose followed by balanced notes of cider, vanilla and roasted hazelnut. The silky finish is evidence of a mature spirit bottled at 80 proof, 40% alcohol by volume”.

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