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October 13, 2011

Oro Azul Tequila

Internationally acclaimed…

Known for years in select circles as one of Mexico’s finest tequilas, Oro Azul has gained increasing notoriety by placing third in Mexico’s 2002 Government competition, which featured over 1,000 of Mexico’s finest tequilas. Across the border Oro Azul received equal acclaim when it was awarded a coveted Gold and two Silver medals from the prestigious Beverage Tasting Institute, in its 2002 Tequila Tasting.

Barrel Select Importers represents Agave Tequilana Productores (AT) of Jalisco, Mexico. AT is run by the Lopez Garibay family and has been in the tequila business for over 100 years. Their present ranch was established in 1921 in the heart of the tequila region, Los Altos, where only the finest blue agave is found.

Like fine wines and brandies, the Garibay family focuses on 100% estate grown tequilas. In this day of high tech automation, all of their tequilas are handmade with fine craftsmanship and tradition that has been handed down from one generation to another. Tequila from the Garibay estate exceeds requirements governed by the Norma Offical Mexicana (NOM).

The rich Garibay family tradition of producing exquisite tequila with the finest blue agave has made Oro Azul a true treasure of Mexico. Barrel Select is proud to offer three distinct Oro Azul Tequilas, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo.

Oro Azul BlancoBlanco Embodying Oro Azul’s distinct flavor is our precious Blanco. It is 100% blue agave taken from the heart (Pina) of the finest agave plants. Oro Azul Blanco is made from the sweetest part of the plant. It is also double distilled for the cleanest, purest tequila flavor. It has a pepper-oil-like agave nose with a touch a sea spray. A buoyant entry leads to a very dry, light-medium-bodied palate with smoky, roasted pepper and spice notes. It finishes with a salty, herbal snap and a nice fade of dried fruit and earthy flavors.

Oro Azul ReposadoReposado Oro Azul Reposado is carefully rested for over six months. Our special resting process delivers a richer, cleaner and deeper tequila flavor than other Resposado’s. Oro Azul Reposado is pale yellow with an amber tint and a caramel apple nose…A big, vibrant entry leads to a dryish, medium-full-bodied palate with bold, burnt agave and dried, tropical fruits, and sea salt. It finishes with a long, dried fruit and herb fade. Distinctly smooth, slightly sweet, with just a hint of pepper.

Oro Azul AnejoAñejo Our finest tequila, made of 100% estate grown blue agave, Oro Azul Añejo is meticulously double distilled for the purest Tequila flavor. It is then aged over two years in charred oak barrels on the Garibay estate. It has a pale amber tint with a deep vanilla and pickling spice nose. A round buoyant entry leads to an off-dry, medium body with sweet toffee, brown spice, salt, leather tobacco and green pepper flavors. It finishes gracefully with a fruity, agave-driven fade.