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Maui Gold

From Haleakala Distillers comes the World’s Finest Rum—available only on Maui and nearby Hawaiian Islands .

Maui Rums are handcrafted in small batches on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano on the island of MAUI with aloha by Braddah Kimo and his tiny ohana.

Maui Gold (photo above) is a participating rum in the International Cane Spirits Festival® and Tasting Competiton. Braddah Kimo makes his Gold rum, using pure Maui-grown sugar cane, pure Maui water and lots of brilliant Maui sunshine. Handcrafted in small batches, a great rum for mixing or just sipping on the rocks. Made only on non-surfing days. Reviewed by at least four international experts, all favorably!

Below are other rums from Haleakala Distillers…

Braddah Kimo Silvah Rum

Braddah Kimo makes his Silvah Rum especially for mixing. Mix the best rum and coke, mai-tai or mojito you have ever had. TRY IT YOURSELF! This is also the rum to buy to help the Hurricane Katrina victims. A contribution for every bottle sold in 2005 has been made via the Red Cross to benefit Katrina victims


Braddah Kimo's Strongest! Da Bomb

Braddah Kimo's Strongest! Da Bomb is a new rum, pure genuine MAUI rum but with more kick. 155 Proof kick. Strongest rum you can buy in Hawaii . Made especially for use in mixed drinks calling for 151 proof rum. Also great for those Caribbean recipes calling for rum.


Maui Dark Rum

 Braddah Kimo's Newest! MAUI DARK RUM. Makes a perfect Mai Tai every time. The right taste, the right color.

Coming Soon! A Maui Rum which contributes to ongoing efforts to save the Humpback and other species which are native to Maui but which have become endangered. An exclusive from Braddah Kimo  

Additionally…all Haleakala Rums are…

GMI FREE! No genetically modified organisms. The only rum you can buy certified to be GMO-Free.

ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE! No animals have ever been hurt or killed in either the R&D or production of Kimo’s rums.

VEGAN COMPATIBLE! Did you know that many liquors and liqueurs, including Major National Brands, have gelatin added to alter the natural texture of the drink? Gelatin is made from GROUND UP ANIMAL BONES. No, the marketers of these products DO NOT have to disclose the addition of gelatin on the label. If you want a VEGAN RUM, only Braddah Kimo can assure you, NO GELATIN EVER!!!!!!!