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GOSLINGS RUM since 1806

Happy 200th Anniversary Gosling’s Rum 1806–2006

Gosling’s Rum is a Bermuda Tradition that goes back seven generations. In 1806, the Gosling family left London for America . Becalmed at sea, James Gosling put in at Bermuda where he set up shop leading to what would become the finest line of rum in the world.  

Here’s to the next 200!


Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

Platinum Medal & Best Buy, Beverage Testing Institute

Black Seal has become synonymous with Bermuda . Gosling’s Black Seal Rum is made from a 150-year old family recipe, using the finest distillates and aged in charred American oak casks. It has a rich, intricate flavor, well balanced and nuanced with butterscotch, vanilla and caramel. The trademarked “Dark ‘n Stormy”, the official drink of Bermuda , is made with Black Seal and ginger beer. “Deep, assertive and highly flavoured. Very fragrant with herbal sharpness. At the finish there is a softness and elegance. A most complex, unusual spirit”, quotesThe Beverage Testing Institute who awarded this rum a Platinum Medal & Best Buy


Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum

Gold Medal International Rum Festival ‘03

Gosling’s Gold Rum is a recipe handed down through six generations and is a lighter rum, impressing enthusiasts the world over. This is luscious amber liquid delivers a full rich smooth flavor, with a nose of vanilla, apricot, mango and a lightly smoked oak character. The taste is smooth but robust, with hints of citrus, tropical flavors and nutty undertones. Gosling’s Gold includes products of both pot still and continuous still distillates. One imparts flavor, the other yields a subtle elegance. A blend of pot still distillates aged five years, this unique proprietary blend is what sets Gosling’s Gold apart from others. Awarded a Gold Medal at 2003 International Rum Festival


Gosling’s Old Rum

Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Appropriately called Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum, it is crafted from the same incomparable Bermuda blend that Gosling’s uses for their renowned Black Seal Rum. It is rested in oak barrels, aging until it has acquired an extra luscious, nuanced complexity much like a rare Scotch or Cognac . A spirit this unusual deserves more than the usual bottle and label. So, Gosling’s takes each bottle, hand-label it, dip it in wax, number it, encircle it with a metal band and then place it in a straw-filled wooden box reminiscent of days past. At the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Old Rum was honored with a Double Gold Medal