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Fazenda Mae De Ouro Cachaca Bottle Shot

Silver Medal, Beverage Testing Institute, ‘05

From Fazenda Mae de Ouro website…Cachaça is a distilled spirit unique to Brazil that is made from fresh-pressed sugar cane. Originally thought to be invented in the 1600’s by Brazilian slaves, was believed to relieve weariness and to increase vigor. Indeed, the Caiprinha and other Cachaça-based cocktails fuel nightclubs from Rio to Ibiza all night long. Much like wine, the flavor is determined by Brazilian climate, the soil and the aging process. Different regions of Brazil produce s of completely different tastes. At present, it is estimated that Brazil has over 4,000 distilleries and produces 1.2 billion liters per year.

Tasting Notes

Wine & Spirits Magazine, ’05, “The artisanal Fazenda Mae de Ouro one-year old was intensely vegetal, like a good Tequila, yet fresh and lively, with a long, full finish”

EGullet Society, September ’05, “I had the opportunity to try Dave’s Fazenda Mae de Ouro last night along with Jon Lurie & Sam Kinsey, and I must say, it’sone of the best I’ve tried so far…”


Hold the bottle up to the light. Quality is clear and without impurities

  • Shake the bottle. The froth and bubbles should disappear in less than 30 seconds. When poured slowly down the side of a glass, it should appear like fine oil. Check the aroma in a glass or in the palm of your hand. If it does not smell like sugar cane, it is probably not a good . If you sense a burning sensation in your throat upon tasting, it is of poor quality.