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October 13, 2011

El Charro Tequila

El Charro Tequila

From Mark Cannon, PocoTequila.com

“Not being fluent in Spanish I was pretty confident that 'El Charro' was Spanish for 'The Scarf'. I don't know, maybe it's because there is a drawing of one on the label, or the one embossed on the bottle or maybe it's the cool cloth one hanging around the bottle's neck.

Actually I now know that El Charro translates to 'The Horseman' which also seems obvious considering the horseman logo. At any rate this is a good tequila reposado and when found it's normally inexpensive for a 100% agave product. It's pretty unassuming to the nose and just slightly strong in alcohol to the mouth but it has good agave flavor and finishes warm and smooth. It may even be a better bargain than what I found it for in "Old Town" San Diego where there is a great selection but because "Old Town" is a popular tourist attraction everything seems to be a little more pricey.

From Tastings.com

Anejo Pure golden hue. Sweet, creamy, caramel and spice and agave nose. A supple attack leads to a velvety smooth medium-bodied palate wit sweet grilled fruits and spice notes, and muted agave character. Finishes with an enveloping wave of dry, caramel flavor and peppery spice. A light toast Scotch-like tequila (tasted on 12/20/2001)

Reposado Very pale golden hue. Sugary, pickling spice nose. A round entry leads to a light-to-medium-bodied palate with nice, dry fruit and spice notes supported by herbal agave flavors. Finishes with a layer of sweet, spice, subtle caramel, and peppery heat. A subtle, appealing reposado. (tasted 7/19/2002)

Silver Clear. Green apple and green pepper aromas. A smooth, silky entry leads to a faintly fruity light body with a mélange of autumn fruit flavors and a lean, estery pepper note. Finishes smoothly with dried fruit flavors. Very much like a fruit eau-de-vie (tasted on 7/19/2002)