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October 13, 2011

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Cockspur Rums

A Brief History of Cockspur Distinguished Rums

Cockspur rum was founded by Valdemar Hanschell in 1884. He was of Danish descent and came to Barbados via the Virgin Islands where he had worked for several years in the ship brokerage business. Settling in Barbados, which had become one of the biggest shipping ports in the Western Hemisphere at that time, he founded a ship chandlery, supplying to visiting ships - ropes, sails, salt, fresh fruit, meat and of course rum. Through the years, business thrived and so too did the popularity of Cockspur rum. He took on a partner, expanded his trade into exports and became Hanschell Larson. Cockspur became known internationally, continued to grow and through a later merger, Hanschell Inniss was formed. That company still blends and bottles Cockspur today.

Cockspur Fine Rum

Cockspur Fine RumAn extremely pleasant experience for what could be considered a standard rum. Dark sugar and alcohol overtones are very predominant, very slight lemon undertones. A wonderful drink! It’s colour is very light grapefruit /star fruit yellow . The nose is sherried alcohol with a warm sensation. First trip to the nose implies a mellowy sweet and honey waft until just after halfway into the experience and then the demerara sugar kicks in to complete the second leg. Not complex but very pleasant. Its taste and texture starts extremely smooth, becoming spicy on the palette. Light bite on the back of the throat and upper front gums. Peppery crescendo although very round and warm giving way to Caribbean cinnamon spice. Great mouth feel getting slightly buttery towards the end.

Cockspur 12 YO VSOR

A beautiful sherry red & intense plumy colour . It’s nose is intense and alcohol filled explosion on the nose. Very measured woody and constant undertones throughout with shortbread making a brief visit. Orange peel and rock sugar. Rich, ripe plums and Caribbean Fruit cake flavours are apparent right from the very start. Strong brandy type influence is always present. The kind of flavour experience that your nose would ask for on its birthday!Cockspur 12 Year

The taste and texture is wonderfully smooth and deep rounded velvety taste with a clove or two making a brief but special appearance. Some dryness occurs at the back of the mouth with an intense but pleasant tingle all round the upper gums that spreads to the lips. Earth and woody tones are present along with a prolonged spice experience. "Velvet on the tongue" feeling that pans out into a dry aftertaste. Intensely pleasing throat burn and bite and a huge warming sensation as it goes all the way down to your socks

Confident, weighty and complete. A complete meal in a glass on a cold winter's night. This is what drinking rum is all about! Definitely one for the connoisseur. A fabulous rum..

Cockspur Rum Punch will be available for tasting as well.