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Rhum Clément Premiere Canne White RumRhum Clément Premiere Canne White Rum

Rhum Clément Premiere Canne White Rum, June ’05, “Crystal clear and very clean. In the first whiffs I detect grassy/beany notes of sugar cane, cola nut, vanilla bean, and fresh, flowery spirit just off the pot still; after another six minutes in the copita, the aroma narrows its focus on the grassiness; a one-dimensional bouquet, but compelling in its purity just the same. The palate entry is sensational, in that, the narrow aroma becomes a broad, expansive, and generous early taste that includes healthy doses of cocoa bean, bittersweet chocolate, black tea, and unrefined sugar; the midpalate acts as a reinforcement of the palate entry, adding a more pronounced element of fresh, raw spirit. Concludes gracefully in the throat, with subtle notes of sugary sweetness, zesty spirit, and vanilla. What white rums should be. Liked this incarnation more than their Clément Blanc from the early ‘90’s  

Sky Magazine, 4 Stars, August ’05 , “…Not the rum of infamous sweet pina coladas. Produced in Martinique from sugar cane juice, Clément Premiere Canne is a rum universe apart, where unaged white rums have authentic spirits gravitas, not to mention seductive aromas of vanilla bean and brown sugar, and alluring flavors of chocolate and black tea”

David Wondrich, Esquire Magazine, 05, “Our Favorites” (included only one other  

Rhum Clément Creole ShrubbRhum Clément Creole Shrubb

F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, June ’05, 3 Stars, Recommended “Yellow/gold in color; impeccably pure. The first nosing is greeted by a delectably acidic and mildly sweet scent of orange peel (this is a smooth tasting concoction made from a maceration of rum, sugar cane syrup and orange peel); further time in the glass reveals a deft touch of raw cocoa that rounds out the bouquet nicely. The palate entry is sweet, thick, and suitably orangey; at midpalate, the orange peel zestiness kicks it up a notch in intensity, thereby countering the sugary sweetness. Ends up sweet, a bit intense, and appropriately orangey.

Rhum Clément VSOP Rhum Clément VSOP  

F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, June ’05, 4 Stars, Highly Recommended “The amber/autumn leaf gold/honey color is very pretty and pure and very immature brandy-like. The first sniffings pick up muted aromas of brown sugar and milk chocolate; aeration time of another six minutes does little in the way of stirring further aromatic development, except for traces of peanut and black pepper. The elegant yet assertive palate entry is firm, peppery, moderately sweet, and cane-like; at midpalate, the flavor profile turns silky in texture, semisweet and cocoa-like to the taste, and eminently elegant and sophisticated in style. Finishes sweet, honeyed, medium-bodied, svelte, and utterly yummy.