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October 13, 2011

Introducing Chaya Tequila as announced by Mark Cannon of PocoTequila.com

Chaya Tequila

“Though we used to see a lot of labels come out of this factory a few years ago, Chaya is the first "New" brand I've seen produced at Industrializadora de Agave San Isidro in a long time. After purchasing this tequila (and the Chaya Añejo) at HiTime we decided to compare Chaya Silver with another tequila blanco produced at the same factory. We did a "blind" tasting (the only way to go if you want an honest assessment) expecting there may not be much of a difference at all. The two blancos did have some similarities but one stood out with more fruit and less alcohol to the nose, attack and finish. This same blanco also had a little more body and was very smooth with good agave flavor. Not to say that the other brand was a bad tequila but we agreed that this one was superior. It turned out to be the Chaya Silver. I did this because I didn't want to be influenced by the distinctive and unusual bottle, which by the way is not only very attractive but also ergonomically functional. It fits good in the hand and the slanted neck seems to make pouring easier. That may not sound like a big deal but often too much thought is put into the appearance of a fancy bottle without considering its functionality. Kudos to Chaya on the great bottle design and the nice blanco inside”.

Imported by Interco Brands, CHAYA TEQUILA is now available (Summer 2005) in California and will soon be launched in Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois with other key States to follow early 2006 in three types and two sizes, ANEJO, REPOSADO, and SILVER in the 750ml and 50ml sizes.

Interco Brands has generously donated a bottle each of the Blanco and Anejo for the Silent Auction