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Launched October 2005
Destilerias Unidas (DU)

The history of Destilerias Unidas S.A.C goes back to April 29th of 1929, the date in which the operations of the Cartavio Rum Plant started. The plant was founded by the Cartavio Sugar Co., which was owned by W.R. Grace & Co.


RON CARTAVIO AÑEJO RESERVA is the preferred spirit of those who recognize the highest quality of a unique and genuine rum flavor. The bottle is sober and elegant with and exclusive engraving for the most demanding consumers. Enjoyed alone or mixed. A crystalline gold rum with a well-balanced fresh and discreet flavor. Natural hints of sherry and raspberry so typical of our rums. Outstanding smell that recalls fine oaks. With distilled fermented syrups, our Master Rum Expert prepares this blend of 3 - 6 years aged rums until obtaining authentic Caribbean rum.

RON CARTAVIO GRAN RESERVA , a blend for rum lovers. Intense gold rum, naturally prepared during 7 years of aging in oak barrels. The result is old rum with a clean, fine and exquisite flavor for the most demanding preferences. Thanks to its intense flavor and unique bouquet, we can see and feel the contrast of our rum and the wood tannins inside the barrels, creating an elegant old rum full flavor.


OLD RUM OF SOLERA 12 YEARS The traditional old rum of Solera is being produced in the hacienda of Captain D. Domingo Cartavio. The old rum of Solera is obtained with patience and carefulness based on experience and tradition. The Master Blender uses ancestral techniques to select and harmoniously combines a variety if rums ranging from 15 to 5 years old, aged in Slovenian oak barrels. It is made by using the famous Solera Technique, adopted from the Region of Jerez, Spain, where the finest brandies are produced. After several years, older rum is challenged from cask to cask, in a cascading process, blending with the younger rums. During the ageing process, rum takes a darker color, harmonic balanced, roundness and ripeness, besides hints of spices, light chocolate, light coffee, dry fruits, lightly mellow and it is really smooth. The highest quality is evident throughout the stages of its manufacture.


RON CARTAVIO 75ºANNIVERSARY A mahogany colored rum that perfectly combines patience and the highest quality. It is targeted to a consumer that looks for an exclusive product; this is why its production is limited. Specially prepared for connoisseurs and collectors. We are proud of producing this aged rum prepared with fine ingredients, noble wood and 12 years of aging that support its mature flavor. Smells of good aging, natural taste with hints of vanilla, cane and molasses. Since it is an exclusive product, its presentation consists of a dark green ceramic bottle that mirrors the intent offering customers a unique product.


CARTAVIO BLANCO (SILVER) SUPERIOR RUM Cartavio Silver Superior is a well-balanced blend of aged rums, mature for at least 24 months, with sugar cane alcohol of the highest quality, and further series of filtering operations which yield this special light amber transparent product. The only smooth rich and white rum of Cartavio’s House, with a characteristic fruity flavor, reveals aromas of vanilla and fine oak scent, developed as a result of its classic blend process and two years of aging. It has a light-tasting fine oak in the mouth, really smooth; with a sweet accent that can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks as well as in mixed drinks. It is ideal for fruit cocktails like daiquiris, pina colada and others.

CARTAVIO LEMON RUM This e xclusive product is made with a blend of the most special rums and essential lemon oils. Lemon is dominant, but other citrus fruits are added to give an excellent complex flavor.

CARTAVIO CHERRY RUM This is special fruity rum with cherry and cranberry flavors and fine white rums that complement the product flavor and quality very well. Cartavio Cherry Rum is very refreshing with a unique flavor

CARTAVIO PASSION FRUIT RUM An exclusive blend of white rums with the intense fruit flavor but light sour, exotic, aromatic and refreshing taste of passion fruit Its extraordinary quality comes from the completely natural flavor used in the special blend of the rums and aromas that make up Cartavio Passion Fruit an unmistakable bouquet