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Canne Royale Premium Dark Rum

Canne Royale Premium Dark Rum is produced according to centuries old methods, where each batch is precisely blended using rum of the highest quality, which has been aged for up to 8 years in toasted Oak barrels. During its long maturation process, the rum is gradually mellowed and allowed to absorb the natural tannins of the wood, giving it is dark copper color and its uncommonly smooth and balanced character. Ideal for the dark spirits drinker who is not keen on the very heavy aged rums but wants to enjoy the wide range of flavor and aromatic qualities that aged rum can deliver. “…a classy extra old rum that’s long on balance and stately presence in the mouth; bravo, great job here…” F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, 12/2002. Rated 4 stars ‘Highly Recommended’. 80 Proof


Cannes Brulees

Cannes Brulees is a premium over-proof dark rum, blended according to a local Grenadian recipe; each batch uses barrel aged rum and is individually prepared by their master blender. Canne Brulees is so smooth, you can drink it without a chaser. 120 Proof

Cannes Bananes

 Cannes Bananes is an extra smooth over-proof, pure white rum infused with natural banana flavor. It is a blend of ultra pure column-distilled white rum with just the right amount of natural banana flavor. Not too sweet and not too harsh, with the aroma of sun-ripened Caribbean Bananas. A good over-proof alternative to flavored Vodka or plain white rum, Canne Banane mixes well with Grapefruit or Orange Juice, Iced Tea and Cola. 140 Proof