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Beleza Pura Cachaca

Say: 'Beh LEY-zuh POO-Rah ka-SHAH-sa'

In Brazil, beleza pura means ‘pure beauty’

Pure says a lot about this , which is produced with selected lots of sugar cane, wild yeast, and a distillation process that captures the essence of the sugar cane to produce the freshest, smoothest spirit available. Beauty says a lot about the vibrant country where Beleza Pura is made: From sunset cocktails on Ipanema Beach to Sao Paulo ’s nonstop nightlife, Beleza Pura Cachaca brings you a taste of Brazil ’s stirring culture.

Cachaça is the official name for Brazil ’s distinctive sugarcane-based spirit and the key ingredient in Brazil ’s traditional cocktail, the caipirinha, which is becoming as popular in the hippest international bars as on Copacabana Beach .

Cachaça Craze: Brazil 's national spirit makes a splash in America
"While forward-drinking Americans have only recently become acquainted with the fiery sugarcane spirit that fuels the Caipirinha cocktail, Brazilians have indulged their taste for Cachaça since 1532…The liquor's increasing appeal as the caipirinha emerges as exotic drink of choice among the world's elite…" The Robb Report, July 2003

Did you know that is the world’s third most popularly consumed spirit, just after Vodka and Soju?

  • Cachaça exports were over 11 million liters in 2000; main consumers are Germany , France and Portugal
  • Exports to Europe are expected to reach 1 million cases annually in 2004.
  • Cachaça has over 200 synonyms in Portuguese. Such terms of endearment include: "the blessed one", "pinga", "the bad one", "goody-goody", "anger calmer"…
  • There are 30,000 producers in Brazil and 5,000 brands in circulation, with total production of 1.3 to 1.5 billion liters per year

Excalibur Enterprise, Inc. is the first U.S. Importer to introduce a full portfolio of fine spirits from Brazil to those of you with a taste for quality and a passion for the exotic. Excalibur is proud to give back to the nation that provides the foundation for its business and, as a supporter of the Dreams Can Be Foundation, is committed to addressing the enormous problem of homeless and impoverished children in Brazil ’s cities.

Excalibur Enterprise will donate a percentage of its profits to Dreams Can Be Foundation to present an annual Carnival Gala in New York City and major markets. Starting in 2005, top performers and celebrities will join Excalibur to celebrate the richness of Brazil ’s culture, multiply our contributions, and raise awareness about the problems affecting the country’s youngest citizens.

Other Excalibur brands include Armazem Vieira cachaca , GRM cachaca , Rochinha cachaca , Beleza Pura Caipirinha, The Sommelier’s Selection Chardonnay, The Sommelier’s Selection Merlot and Brazilian Absinto (Absynthe) Camargo