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Oronoco Rum

Oronoco is a product of renowned cachaca makers Vicente and Roberto Bastos Ribeiro’s passion for creating high quality distillates.

Zaya Rum

Zaya is matured in fine oak barriques for 12 years before it is released. Produced using only the finest quality select estate sugar cane, it is produced only with natural artisan ‘Millenary Waters”, creating the purest quality production. Double pot distillation in small copper pots lends Zaya its unique complexity

Headline Rum
A Social and Sociable History of the Real Spirit of 1776 By Ian Williams

All about the distilled spirit that fueled the slave trade and sparked the American Revolution. Rambunctious, rollicking history, sodden with tasty lore “

RUM by Dave Broom

In his spirited text, expert Dave Broom explores the colorful history of rum from its beginnings among slafves in the Caribbean to its rediscovery today. He probes the intricacies of pure rum by individual island or country in which each variety was first made, illuminating the role of microclimate and distinct production techniques in determining style and flavor.

Brinley Gold Rum

I met the Brinley’s in 2002, when I hosted a RumFest for a publication I was working with. The Brinley’s brought their flagship Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum, and, we all fell in love with it.

Prichard's Fine Rum

Made in copper pot stills similar in design and using techniques of the masters of old, Prichard’s Fine Rum may be an accurate recreation of that ancient spirit and return to tradition of distilling hand crafted spirits and rum as it was meant to be.

Cruzan Rums

Don Q Rums

Ron Barrilito Three Star Rum (Tres Estrellas)

With rums blended range from 6-10 years, Barrilito Three Year Old is a complex premium rum not dominated by smoky oak flavors

Captain Morgan Private Stock Rum

 Introduced in 1996., Captain Morgan is a dark amber color with mild tapioca and peppery spice aromas. Its entry is sweet and brisk with a sweet, medium body and mild vanilla cream, smoky nut, and peppery spice flavors

Bacardi Big Apple Rum

Bacardi Big Apple is the first apple flavored rum to be ‘picked’ for the public. This versatile fruit is recognized as the #1 flavor choice of the world

Armazem Vieira Cachaça

Located amid the Atlantic forest of Southern Brazil 's most picturesque island, Armazem Vieira has been making Cachaça for more than 160 years. Unique aromas and extreme attention to detail have earned these superior spirits an unmatched reputation with connoisseurs around the world. Armazem Vieira's Cachaça was rated #2 among hundreds of artisan producers by Brazilian Playboy magazine

Khukri Rum

Nepal’s finest rum since 1959, Khukri XXX Rum is of a subtle and complex nature and is distinguished by its lingering aroma, smooth and balanced flavor with a hint of oak wood. It is Nepal 's finest Rum since 1959 and can be proudly proclaimed as the "Taste of Himalayas".

GRM Cachaça

Located on a farm in Brazil ’s best-known region, GRM’s handcrafted spirits are coveted by aficionados throughout the world. With its peerless attention to detail, it is no surprise the distillery recently earned the #1 rating from Playboy magazine in Brazil

Cachaça Rochinha

Since 1902, Cachaça Rochinha has employed the finest production methods and unparalleled attention to detail to produce Brazil ’s top-rated single-barrel s. Rochinha’s romantic distillery is located on an historic farm with a working mill in a mountain valley in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Beleza Pura Cachaça

Pure says a lot about this , which is produced with selected lots of sugar cane, wild yeast, and a distillation process that captures the essence of the sugar cane to produce the freshest, smoothest spirit available.

Beleza Pura Caipirinha

The samba band is warming up, the dancers and costumes are dazzling, and the sun is setting on Ipanema Beach . Thousands have gathered to welcome the world’s sexiest cocktail.

Diplomatico Rum

Diplomatico, from Venezuela, is a dark copper color with vanilla bean and baked banana pie aromas. A palate full of raisins, toffee, molasses and brown spice makes the ‘decadent’ indeed.

Ron Barcelo

Ron Barcelo IMPERIAL Rum is a ‘very hedonistic aged Caribbean rum’ and was awarded a Gold Medal from the International Review of Spirits @ 97 points (out of a possible 100)

Khukri Rum

Traveller's One Barrel Rum

Founder and Patriarch of the family, Master Blender Omario Perdomo, gave the company its name because of its original success serving travellers along the main route into and out of Belize City.

African Rum

Distilled and bottled on the Island Paradise of Mauritius-a star of Africa-Starr African Rum is unique among the great rums of the world. Starr’s unexpected flavor originates in the Island ’s rich volcanic soil and reflects the vivacity of its African roots with hints of citrus and a cardamom body.

Cockspur Rums

The taste and texture is wonderfully smooth and deep rounded velvety taste with a clove or two making a brief but special appearance. Some dryness occurs at the back of the mouth with an intense but pleasant tingle all round the upper gums that spreads to the lips.

North County Times, Thursday September 15, 2005...

El Duende (Tequila) will be among 60 agave spirits featured tonight at the Spirits of Mexico in Old Town. The event also features Mexican food and a silent auction. Phillip Soto will be holding 15-minute seminars on behalf of La Academia Mexicana del Tequila at the event. Read this article at the North County Times website.

J.W. Cooper tequila and mezcal tasting benefits the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

"The JW Cooper event was a great success. The people loved the product and I managed to hand out some business cards to people who wanted to know where they could locate the brand by them. . . ."

Clément USA

  • Silver Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 05
  • F. Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal, June ’05, 4 Stars, Highly Recommended

“Rhum’s the word for 2006, 2007…”

“…The French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique are primary sources for these heartier rums. The main difference between the French Rhums (French for rum) and the lighter Puerto Rican rums lies in the base materials.

Presenting Rum Fest 2005

Mark your calendars for Monday Night, November 14, at LQ, conveniently located in Mid-Town Manhattan, at 511 Lexington Avenue between 47th & 48th Streets.

Spirits of Mexico Press Release September 6, 2005

Celebrate the spirit and the Spirits of Mexico at Cantina de Reyes in Plaza del Pasado, Old Town , San Diego on Thursday night, September 15. Goody Bags (first 300 ticket purchasers only) filled to the brim, a full complement of the best agave spirits in the world…

Spirits of Mexico Press Release August 26, 2005

The History… the generations, the heritage, the legends, the people, the culture, the heart of the agave…the Mexican spirit is encased in each sumptuous drop of Tequila, Mezcal and Sotol.

Spirits of Mexico Press Release

Taquitos & Tequileros, Mezcal & Mariachis, Salsa and Sotol, Albondigas and more! On Thursday night, September 15, The Spirits of Mexico event celebrates the 184th anniversary of Mexico’s freedom from Spain, on the eve of Mexican Independence Day. . .

Welcome to Casa Raab

Our desire at Casa Raab is to make your stay as pleasant and carefree as possible.

El Duende de Don Felipe

El Duende De Don Felipe Reserva Anejo — Hunt down this three year-old Reserva Anejo and don’t share it with your in-laws. Its generous bouquet is laced with the bakery fresh aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and allspice.

Espolon Tequila

From the town of Arandas in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico comes Espolon Tequila. Espolon is a premium tequila recognized as the “Best Tequila Brand” by the Beverage Testing Institute . . .

The Partida Family has generously donated a bottle Partida Anejo for the Silent Auction.

The Partida Family is one of a select few who own both the land where the agave is grown and harvested, and the fabricas where it is cooked, distilled and bottled.

The Legend of cazadores

In 1922, Jose Maria Bañuelos was a typical campesino from the Jalisco mountain country. He started his day's work on his farm before dawn and made every minute of the day count. Sundays were holidays, when family and friends celebrated with typical meals and ranchero music.

Spirit of Mexico Silent Auction to benefit Sky Ranch Foundation

The Polished Palate is proud to be a supporter of the Sky Ranch Foundation. We host a Silent Auction at each of our events, with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Foundation . . . Some items being auctioned have been donated by Herradura, Partdia and Jim Beam Brands . . .

Sangrita Real™

Many American and worldwide consumers enjoy tequila today. However, most of us do not have the luxury of going to Mexico and actually learning the ideal method to tequila drinking, first created in the Mexican state of Jalisco over 60 years ago. read more

Introducing El Amo TEquila

Tequila that is strong and sharp having an amber crystalline color with a great body and intensity, the aromas of the blue agave and vanilla are distinguishable, mildly sweet to the palate with a dominant blue agave taste and a hint of wood and other ingredients.

Interco Brands has generously donated a bottle each of the Blanco and Anejo for the Silent Auction

Chaya Tequila is imported by Interco Brands, and is now available (Summer 2005) in California.

Chinaco 30th Anniversary “Emperador” is Generously Donated by Master Distiller German Gonzalez

”... let me tell you that the case and bottle is absolutely nothing compared to what is inside. The tequila is just amazing. Out of this world... once you taste it, there will be nothing else like it.” . . .

The Sazerac Company has generously donated a bottle of Herradura Seleccion Suprema

Herradura Seleccion Suprema was introduced in 1990 and is made from 100% Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves.

Tequila Don Nacho

Tequila Don Nacho emerges from the red earth that sheltered it and its honey flavor for so many years, making it a worthy son of the Goddess Mayahuel, whose arms embrace the distillery that produces it . . .

Introducing Hacienda de Chihuahua Super Premium Sotol Reposado

The pride of Jose Daumas Gil de Partearroyo, Master Distiller, Hacienda de Chihuahua is 100% wild harvested, steam cooked, naturally fermented, double distilled and aged in new French Oak Casks . . .

1921 Tequila's newest introduction, 1921 Tequila Cream

Purveyors of the most highly-regarded spirits carry the line of 1921 Tequila including the Blanco, Reposado, Reserva Especial and their newest introduction, 1921 Tequila Cream . . .

Introducing Chaya Tequila as announced by Mark Cannon of PocoTequila.com

“Though we used to see a lot of labels come out of this factory a few years ago, Chaya is the first "New" brand I've seen produced at Industrializadora de Agave San Isidro in a long time . . .

El Charro Tequila by Pocotequila.com and Tastings.com

Anejo Pure golden hue. Sweet, creamy, caramel and spice and agave nose. A supple attack leads to a velvety smooth medium-bodied palate wit sweet grilled fruits and spice notes . . .

Oro Azul Tequila

Known for years in select circles as one of Mexico’s finest tequilas, Oro Azul has gained increasing notoriety by placing third in Mexico’s 2002 Government competition, which featured over 1,000 of Mexico’s finest tequilas. . .

Corzo Tequila

“Unlike the typical approach to tequila packaging, Corzo wanted to reflect the modern side of Mexican design. A more innovative and unexpected bottle was also a good complement to the traditional craftsmanship of the Corzo Tequila.”-Fabien Baron . . .

Corazón Tequila

“Corazón Blanco and Reposado are the highest rated tequilas for their category in the year 2000, achieving exceptional quality and distinctive merit. Corazón Blanco is the highest rated blanco tequila ever . . .”

Worms Are For Wimps

The Scorpion as King? Mezcal had a bum rap. Until recently, we could understand the criticisms. But, the lure of that worm (who among you hasn’t attempted to ‘down the worm’? . . .