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Award Winning Brazilian Rum

Silver Medal 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

In May of 2005, Água Luca, an ultra premium, sugar cane-based rum from Brazil , and the flagship property of newly-minted Excelsior Imports, LLC, launched to stateside consumers. Água Luca is distilled from the fermented juice of high quality, hand cut sugar cane within 24 hours of harvesting; employing artisanal techniques and traditions which have been refined over 450 years. It is then filtered 12 times to produce a smooth and lively finish. The quality of Água Luca’s sugar cane, when combined with its meticulous production process, imparts a lighter, cleaner taste and aroma than molasses-based rums. Água Luca is an ultra-premium cachaça. Cachaça simply means Brazilian rum made from the juice of fresh sugar cane.

Brazilian influence is permeating the American pop culture zeitgeist, cutting across a multitude of channels from fashion, to food, to mainstream music. Globally, Brazilian rum, or cachaça, has gained major traction outside Brazil and in other parts of Latin America , Asia and Europe and is the world’s third most consumed spirit (after vodka and soju). Industry experts forecast, “Brazilian rum is now where tequila was 10 or 15 years ago. That is, it has yet to gain a major public consciousness and has until now been limited to an ‘ethnic identity’, both of which were true of tequila before the category became the fastest-growing spirits segment in the U.S. ” Through its exceptional quality, elegant packaging, and its educational outreach to consumers, Água Luca aims to be the first brand to bring this major global spirits category to the mainstream in the United States . Brand partners and co-founders of Excelsior Imports, LLC, Joseph Bowman and Jay Tramonte; identify this current movement toward embracing all things Brazilian with Água Luca, which addresses a significant demand for a fresh alternative to more mainstream spirits.

Água Luca is a natural choice for knowledgeable consumers who currently enjoy top shelf spirits. “Our consumers are sophisticated and primed to be early adopters of a brand and a category which will be mainstays of the next generation.” explains Bowman. Tramonte adds, “We are delighted that a number of industry experts have confirmed our research.” For example, Alex Ott, master mixologist of Gattaca Design and International Bartender of the Year 2004 states “"Ultra-premium cachaça is the next big spirits category, and Água Luca is the brand to take it there." Renowned bartenders and mixologists have found the spirit friendly for innovation, and have created a diverse set of intriguing cocktails—from martinis to infusions. And while the spirit is a natural for making an exceptional Caipirinha, the national cocktail of Brazil , Água Luca’s versatility lends itself to ambitious experimentation as a substitute to vodka, tequila, and rum.

Brand packaging was developed by Saver Glass of France, whose portfolio has included the likes of Grey Goose, Belvedere, Stoli Elit, Ketel One, Cîroc and Veuve Cliquot—an elite pedigree evident in the Água Luca design. The clean, sleek cylindrical glass bottle aptly conveys a sense of modern chic, and the imagery evokes a contemporary take on the unmistakable state flag of Brazil .

The Brazilians have a term called “Alegria”, which means pure, spontaneous joy, without pretense or pretensions. With the first sip of this ultra premium product, consumers across America will channel Brazil ’s cultural ethos and undoubtedly join the global interest in this unique high end spirit.