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XELLENT SWISS VODKA Joins forces with Razor Golf for a great promotion kicking off for Father’s Day

(May 1, 2007 , Hartford , CT ,) XELLENT SWISS VODKA is excited to announce it joined forces with Razor Golf to run a promotional program starting on Father’s Day and running for the summer. XELLENT SWISS VODKA consumers will find a necker on bottles offering a Razor Golf Gap Wedge valued at $119 for only the cost of shipping and handling.

“We have been involved with golf tournaments across the United States . Father’s Day kickoff thru Labor Day, Razor Gap Wedge adds to the Golf alliance which targets a great consumer for the brand and continues to make XELLENT SWISS VODKA the choice of the sophisticated consumer.” Phil Joffray, VP Sales for XELLENT SWISS VODKA.

The quality of any vodka depends on three crucial factors:

  • Grains – pure, top-‘bread’ quality Swiss Rye
  • Distillation – the product is carefully distilled, first in a traditional, small copper pot still. In the second and third phase, the spirit is purified in a column still with 45 plates that refines the product to more than 96% pure.
  • Water – the third element is water. After resting for several months, the vodka is diluted to proof level with water that comes from the Titlis glacier at the heart of central Switzerland.

Finally, the product is filtered several times and then poured into a unique bottle reminiscent of a cocktail shaker. XELLENT SWISS VODKA, THE FIRST AND ONLY SWISS VODKA.

XELLENT SWISS VODKA has won numerous awards including:

  • #7 in the top 110 brands for 2005, F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journey in 2005.
  • DOUBLE GOLD from the San Francisco Spirit Competition.
  • 96-100 rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, March 2005.
  • FIVE STARS – HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION – as well as listing the brand as one of the runners-up as Best White Spirit of 2004, from F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal in December 2004.

The Spirit of Hartford, LLC, importer of premium award winning spirits, has been working closely with DIWISA (Distillerie Willisau) Switzerland to introduce this super premium spirit in the United States . The product is available in 1.75l, 750ml and 50mls

For more information on XELLENT SWISS VODKA, check the website at www.Xellent.com or call Kay Olsen or Diana Winter at 860-404-1776 or spiritofhartford@msn.com.