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The Nation’s First Sangrita Cocktail Challenge at Spirits of Mexico concludes with winning recipes and some fireworks.

The 200th Anniversary of Mexican Independence and the Coyote Café provide a festive backdrop for the Sangrita Cocktail Challenge Finals

September 16, 2010, San Diego, CA: On September 15, 2010, Spirits of Mexico attendees and participants celebrated both Mexico’s milestone anniversary and the most innovative twists on Sangrita, a tomato and citrus-based accompaniment to tequila invented in Jalisco invented in the 1940s.

Top bartenders and tequilas who emerged from August’s Sangrita Challenge Semi-Finals transformed top shelf agave spirits and a mix of traditional and non-traditional sangrita ingredients into highly innovative creations that capitalize on current trends towards spicy and savory cocktails. While all comers in the audience had the opportunity to sample and form opinions on all seven cocktails, Philip Soto Mares (CEO of El Duende Tequila), Kenny Kaufmann (General Manager of Coyote Café) and Todd Camburn (Co-Owner of Barrio) were faced with the task of picking the best of the best.

“Sangre de Migrante ,” made with Findencio Mezcal, rendered by mixologist Shane Tison of The Randolph at Broom, emerged as the grand champion of the Sangrita Cocktail Challenge. Its win is attributed to its balance of savory, sweet and smoky flavors as well as its clever garnish (a fresh lemon wedge dipped in chili-spiced chocolate). It also noteworthy, as it was the only mescal competitor among the seven finalists.

Barra Barra's "Jalantro Sangrita,” mixed by German Ochoa of Fiesta de Reyes with

Herradura blanco Tequila, emerged as the audience favorite for its refreshing hits of sweetness and spice on the palate.

While the competition was followed by a re-enactment of La Grita, the historic moment that launched Mexico’s independence 200 years ago, and a celebration with flags and flowing margaritas, Spirit’s of Mexico Founder Dori Bryant was pleased with the fact that the Sangrita Cocktail Challenge continued to revolutionize the way spirits festivals are organized and developed.

The team behind the winning cocktail, “Sangre de Migrante,” received $1,000 cash prize, award trophy and certificate, and dinner for two at both Café Coyote and Barrio Star. The cocktail will be prominently featured at the 2010 Spirits of Mexico Festival events during the weekend of September 17 and 18, including the Awards Dinner at Barra Barra Saloon, the taste of Old Town Fiesta of Flavors event within Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, and the Main Event at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant, and at the After Party at Casa de Reyes restaurant. After the contest, it will be available to customers through September 2011 at Casa de Reyes and Barra Barra Saloon.

The Finalists

Bryant and media sponsor Liquid Living Magazine would like to congratulate and thank all participating mixologists for their presence at the finals event at Coyote Café. “The fanciful names of the cocktails reflect their spirit of innovation as well as the versatility of both the tequilas and the way the concept of sangrita can be reinvented and redefined,” says Bryant.

Andres Zapata of Casa de Zapata
“Hot Maggie on the Rocks”
Tequila Nobleza and Casa de Zapata Sangrita

Victoria D'Amato
"Sangrita Asada"
KAH Tequila Blanco

German Ochoa of Fiest de Reyes
Barra Barra's "Jalantro Sangrita"
Herradura Blanco

Tim Stevens of Prohibition/Trevor Thorpe
El Conejo Mordelon. -the biting rabbit
Agave 99 Silver

Dan Hagendorn / Don Eduardo Marketing and Sales Manager
"Guava al Rojo Vivo”
Don Eduardo Silver

Shane Tison of The Randolph at Broom
"Sange de Migrante"
Findencio Mezcal

Adam Stemmler of Vin de Syrah
Fortaleza Reposado

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