(July, 2010, Kelso, TN,) Joining the award winning family of brands including, Prichard’s American Rums, Sweet Lucy Bourbon Liqueur and Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon are the new, just released Prichard’s Single Malt Whiskey and its brother Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey from the Prichard’s Distillery in Kelso, Tennessee.

Almost 12 years ago, Phil and his family bought an old school house near his family home in Kelso, Tennessee and turned it into the third largest ‘legal’ distillery in Tennessee. Kelso, is a town of less than 100 people and is less than 30 miles from a very well known ‘Tennessee mash’ distillery.

You can almost always find Phil traveling the countryside, sampling people on his brands and listening to distributors, retailers and consumers. The consumers and the trade all told him to make more whiskey. So he did.

His first foray into the Whiskey category was with the darling of the industry – Sweet Lucy. This Whiskey Liqueur is bourbon based with hints of apricots and oranges and was born in a duck-blind, and today is a national favorite. The 750ml size retails for approximately $24.99.

Phil then entered the Whiskey category with his now trademark Benjamin Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon. The first production was so well received that they quickly ran out of stock. Not to worry, as by the end of 2009, the brand was back in stock. This 750ml retails for approximately $64.99.

The first of the two newest additions, or ‘brothers’ to the Sweet Lucy Whiskey Liqueur is Prichard’s Single Malt Whiskey. It is made using only the finest grains, best water coming from the Teal Hollow Spring and distilled in copper pot stills. The recipe is similar to the finest Irish Whiskeys and is a great addition to the family portfolio. Prichard’s Single Malt is available in the 750ml size and the suggested retail price is $49.99. It is hand-crafted and hand-bottled in limited quantities and will be available in April / May in key markets.

The second brand, just introduced this summer is Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey. It is more of a traditional whiskey, distilled mostly from white corn, in the style of original Tennessee Whiskeys. It too is available in the 750ml size and retails for $39.99

With a hat on his head, a smile on his face and a strong handshake, don’t be surprised if he tells you that he is ‘selling the “stink” out of his brands. Lastly, the reason he puts his name on all of his products is that his Dad told him. “If you are proud of your product, then put your name on it.

For more information, on PRICHARDS BRANDS, check the website at or call Phil Prichard at 931-433-5454 or Kay Olsen at 860-404-1776 at

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