From Anise-based Liqueurs to Bourbon, Beer & Bitters, Cachaca, Calvados & Cognac and all of the other requisite ABC’s of premium and ultra-premium spirits, Preiss Imports-through passion, a solid support team & pure commitment-has been importing among the finest spirits.

21 Years ago Henry Preiss directed his spirits import business to concentrate on premium-profile spirits exclusively, and the collection has grown to unprecedented scope, quality and authenticity. The Preiss Imports portfolio truly represents all that is distinctive in spirits from around the world.

Representing a rich global heritage, Preiss Imports markets spirits from Antigua, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Curacao, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland & the United States.

5 Stars! Highly Recommended! 96+ points! Double Golds!--All honors given by top tasters and tasting organizations to the brands in the Preiss Imports portfolio.

It’s no wonder that Chinaco Tequila came home to Preiss!

Sitting here at 6AM and reading through the vast amount of materials on Chinaco (the gold in the stars received by this Tequila are blinding me), I’m tempted to do something I rarely do—open a bottle and sip the rest of the day away!

Tequila Chinaco was introduced to the US in 1983. Hailed as the first ultra-premium tequila, it was marketed much as a fine Cognac. The extraordinary taste and smooth character of Chinaco earned its place alongside the finest, high-end brandies and single malt whiskies. Preiss Imports was appointed distributor in California in 1991 and now, after many years, this ‘gem of handcrafted Tequila’ has come home again.

Chinaco Blanco

 This 100% de Agave has a full mellow character with rich intensity and complexity. It’s crystal clear with a complex aroma that shows hints of white pepper (hot on the medium to long finish), citrus and chamomile. The layers of smoke have hints of caramel, pear, quince, dill & lime, with a touch of aloe and earthy agave. On the finish you’ll taste subtle smoke & cream soda and noticeably rich agave notes. Arguably among the most seductive blanco’s, the New York Times wrote, “Our top-rated Tequila, the Chinaco Blanco, garnered three and a half stars overall from the panel; it was also our best value. For me it was, simply, a benchmark Tequila” (Frank Prial). Eric Asimov ‘loved the complex mineral and herbal flavors’. 

Chinaco Reposado

Ageing 8-11 months gives Chinaco Reposado a full mellow and gentle woody character. The palate is subtly sweet, with some spice and caramel flavors—and hints of fruit, floral and oak.

Chinaco Anejo

Meticulously aged 2 ½ to 3 years in oak barrels, Chinaca Anejo achieves a remarkably smooth and richly complex character. The oak aging regimen contributes nice caramel and vanilla accents but doesn’t overpower the bold agave. Its boldness is balanced by fruit, floral, oak and butterscotch, with a bit of white pepper. A full-flavored Tequila, Chinaco Anejo is not designed for the timid.

Chinaco Negro

Rare and precious…Only 7 of 12 casks were deemed worthy enough to bottle under the exclusive Chinaco Negro label. Each bottle is a single-cask selection, designated with a unique lot number and individually numbered.

“The Negro delays delivering its considerable cargo of fresh floral agave until the finish, coming in as sweet and pleasant as an Irish Whiskey” (Esquire, ’07)—“It is powerful and intense, with ripe agave, a fleshy texture, nuanced oak, and long, aromatic flavors” (Robb Report Best of the Best 2007) –“’…the bouquet becomes honey sweet, tangy, moderately salty, and properly vegetal/briny. (It) concludes with grace and a deft touch of pipe tobacco. Wow-wow.” (5 Stars F. Paul Pacult Spirit Journal)


Antigua Distillery

English Harbour Rum is considered to be among the finest blends of both dark and light rum distilled in the Caribbean. EHR 5 Year Old Rum won Double Golds for 2 consecutive years in the SF World Spirits Competition. EHR’s Vintage 25 YO (1981) is among the finest rum tasted by the Polished Palate. Also available in 10 YO.

The BenRiach

Located in the heart of Speyside, the BenRiach Distillery is surrounded by rolling barley fields. Renowned as the source of Scotland’s greatest whiskies, its extraordinary malt whisky distinguishes the distillery, which was named the 2007 Distillery of the Year by Malt Advocate Magazine.


Founded in 1836, Briottet creates fruit brandies, among them, Crème de Cassis (Black Currant) Liqueur. 96-100 points Wine Enthusiast.

Chateau Du Busca

Built by the Marquis de Maniban in 1649, the wine estate of Chateau Busca-Maniban is the oldes distillery in Gascony, producing armagnac since the 17 th century. The 15 year old vntage Chateau du Busca blended Tenareze is a quintessential example of France’s oldest spirit.


The artisan BrewDog distillery, situated on the rugged North-East coast of Scotland, has redefined India Pale Ale—all naturally brewed with a robustly delicate toffee malt canvas.

Gonzalez Byass

Founded in 1835, this company, based in the town of Jerez, Andalucia in Southern Spain, produces a variety of fine spirits including Anise-based liqueur, Brandy and Gin. The London Gin, tripled distilled in small batches under the direction of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell, uniquely contains gardenia and bergamot.


Founded in Aberdeen in 1842, Cadenhead’s is Scotland’s oldest independent bottler. Producers of Old Raj Dry Gin and Classic Caribbean Green Label Rum, Cadenhead’s is perhaps best known for their full selection of Classic Scotch.

Calvados Christian Drouin

Calvados Coeur de Lion has garnered over 417 medals and awards in spirits competitions around the globe.


Chinaco warriors were a group of wealthy landowners who joined together to bravely defend Mexico during the War of Reform in the 1850’s and the French Intervention in 1863. Chinacos were known for their bravery and heroism, and were led by General Manuel Gonzalez. In 1965, Guillermo Gonzalez, Secretary of Agriculture, inherited land from his legendary grandfather and, in 1977, the Tequilera La Gonzalena began producing in small batches. The rest is, as they say, history.

Coopers Brewery

Begun in 1862 Coopers Brewery is the only family-owned brewery left in Australia. Coopers Traditional Ales use no chemicals or preservatives and allow the secondary fermentation to take place in the bottle, which allows the beer to carbonate naturally—a brewing process with its roots in the middle ages.


Considered the ‘Pope of Armagnac’, Francis Darroze creates his profuse presentations of Darroze Bas-Armagnacs—all authentic. Each bottle contains a unique, hand-raised spirit—without blending, additives, caramel, or distilled water.


Duncan Taylor & Co.

Duncan Taylor & Co. has the largest privately-held collections of rare Scotch Whisky Casks. Aged from 21 years on, these rare whiskies are bottled at cask strength and remain in their natural form with no chill filtering or coloring of any kind.


The foremost distiller of eau-de-vie in Switzerland, Etter is a family business spanning 4 generations. Since 1870, the Etters have been producing Etter Zuger Etter Kirsch, Etter Framboise, Etter Poire Williams, Etter 5-Fruit Tree Jubilee, Etter Holiday Plum Liqueur and Grappa Suisse.


Van Hoo is a premium 100% grain, handcrafted vodka from Belgium. Potstill produced and traditionally distilled for 5 generations, gold-medal-award-winning Van Hoo placed in the top three out of 65 vodkas at the 1998 World Spirits Championships in Chicago.

Glen Catrine

Absolut classic Single Malts. 12 Year Old Campbelltown Single Malt is produced at Glen Scotia, one of only three distilleries remaining in Campbelltown. 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt is produced at Inchmurrin, named after the finger-shaped island in Loch Lomond. 12 Year Old Lowland Single Malt is produced at Littlemill, which was the oldest distillery in Scotland (dating back to 1772).



4 Star rated Glen Breton Rare 10 Year Old Canadian Single Malt Whisky in the only single malt Whisky produced in Canada. It is hailed as among the Top 50 Spirits by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2006.


Founded in 1935 in Merida, Yucatan, D’Aristi Rum is produced from the best sugar cane grown on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico. D’Aristi’s Special Ten Year Reserve has a one-of-a-kind flavor resulting from the traditional ageing process. Xtabentun Honey Liqueur evolved from a liquor produced by the Mayans with the addition of native anis flavor introduced by the Spaniards around 1550. Nance Liqueur is made using a fragrant indigenous ‘nance’ or ‘nanche’ fruit, from a tree considered ‘sacred’ by the Mayans.


A.H. Hirsch

Pennsylvania ’s own Michter’s Distillery was distilling bourbon dating back to the mid-eighteenth century. Started in 1753 by Swiss Menonite farmer John Shenk, and through change of ownership, Hirsch Distillers produces A.H. Hirsch Reserve 16 Year Old Pot Distilled Sour Mash (5 Stars) and a selection of luscious and rare American Whiskies.


Leopoldo Gourmel

Offering a fresh, clean, aromatic, pure and natural selection of cognac, each is aged in un-toasted, extra fine, French oak casks. Leopoldo Gourmel produces a wine grower’s cognac, which is pure vintage and strictly natural, never chill-filtered and without blending or traditional additives.


The Luxardo company is Italy’s premier family liqueur producer. Founded in 1821 in Zara (now part of the republic of Croatia) on the Dalmatian Coast, Luxardo moved headquarters to the Veneto region. Zara was the only habitat of the marasca cherry, which is the key fruit in Luxardo’s Maraschino Liqueur. Luxardo now produces a full line of classic Italian liqueurs.



F. Meyer

As far back as anyone can remember, the name Meyer has been associated with distilling fruites in the Vallee de Ville. 1,000 tons of fruit and 300,000 bottles sold each year, Meyer is the only distillery in France to use computer-controlled distillation, allowing sustained quality.

Montifaud châ

Planting their first vineyard in 1837, the Vallet family has been making and distilling fine brandy ever since. Estate grown, distilled and bottled, Montifaud offers a selection of elegant cognacs.



A favorite in Paris since the 18th century, Noyau de Poissy is the oldest liqueur in France. With apricots and almonds at its core, this liqueur is delightfully fragrant. Pages exclusive selections include Brandy, Liqueur, Mark and Syrups.


Château Paulet

Founded in 1848, Château Paulet Cognac is a blend of very rare Fine Champagne Cognacs specially selected from the oldest vintages in their ‘paradis’ cellar.



Every year the Sheraton Hotel in Lima Peru hosts a Pisco Tasting, which Pisco Don Cesar has won for eight consecutive years. Pisco, which was first manufactured in the 16 th century, is grape brandy obtained from the fermentation of grape must and the Peruvian pisco is obtained from grapes such as the Quebranta variety.


Pierre Guy

In 1890, Armand Guy founded the Pierre Guy Distillery in Pontarlier (known as Absinthe Country) France. Today, this last remaining artisan facility produces Pontarlier-Anis and is the only aperitif using green aniseed.


Cachaca 21 was originally named Pirassununga 1921 to commemorate the year and place of its origin. Today Cachaca 21, among the Top 10 brands in Brazil, is one of the oldest brands and most traditional cachacas on the Brazilian market.



Producing ‘a world of fruit creams’, Sathenay has a history spanning more than a century of family agriculture. Sathenay produces Peche de Vigne (Peach), Crème de Mure (plum), Creme de Framboise (raspberries) and Creme de Cassis (blackcurrant).


Senior & Co.

The term ‘original’ may only be used in the labeling of Curacao if the spirit is produced using the oil of Golden Oranges of the island of Curacao. Senior Curacao Liqueur is the only one authorized to put the ‘authentic’ on its label. Is the Island named after Curacao liqueur? Senior also produces coffee, rum raisin & chocolate liqueurs.


Slaur International

Slaur International produces is one of the most dynamic French producers and international exporters in the industry. Available in 110 countries, their exceptional range of spirits includes Pastis Prado, Mon Granier Pastis, Mangoustan’s French Island Rhum, Grand Fond Galion White Rum and Saint Paul Dark Rum.



Springbank is the oldest distillery in Scotland still owned by its founders and is home of the legendary Campbeltown malts. Springbank’s adherence to tradition and craftsmanship is legendary as are their whiskies which include Mitchell’s Glengyle Blended Whisky, Springbank 10 & 15 Year Olds (& 100 Proof 10 YO), Littlemill 12 YO, Hazelburn 8 YO, the Springbank Wood Expression Series and others.



Founded in 1900, Warengham Distillery, in Brittany, produced high quality creams & liqueurs from fruit and plant extracts. Brittany holds an agricultural tradition of cereal cultivation and the regions’ conditions are very favorable to producing a stalwart malt. Armork Whisky Breton is the ‘Celtic soul in the Heart of Brittany’.



Five generations have pioneered a truly unique sugar cane distillation process. The Telles family started the Ypioca (eee-pee-OH-kah) Cachaca company in 1846 in Fortaleza Brazil. Ypioca chooses varieties of cane to compliment various types of soil, which is tilled with an eye toward soil preservation rather than maximum yield. These time-honored traditions show unmistakable flavor and distinction as a fine spirit. In the 2008 Polished Palate Rum Competition, Ypioca Red Fruit won Best of Category and 2 Gold medals for their flavored Cachacas.


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