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Panama-nia Shakes Up the Spirits Industry with the Launch of Ron Abuelo Rum

Varela Imports is bringing the best of Panama  to the  US

( October 27, 2008 –   New York,   NY)   – A testament to the history of Varela Hermanos, Ron Abuelo is an authentic dark rum that carries the ultimate values of this third generation Panamanian family distillery: tradition, trust and quality. Imported by Varela Imports, Inc., Ron Abuelo Añejo and 7 Year are respected brands created from the company’s own sugar cane grown on site.

Varela Hermanos, a family-owned company dating back to 1908, has distinguished itself as the leading rum producer throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and has now embarked on the   US  market. The history of Varela Hermanos began when Don José Varela Blanco established the first sugar mill in the recently-formed  Republicof   Panama, the San Isidro Sugar Mill. In 1936, he began the distillation of alcohol from sugar cane juice and, since then, has maintained its leadership in   Panama’s domestic distilled spirits industry.

Ron Abuelo is a specialty vintage rum available in two classifications, both expressions carefully aged in fine oak casks. Ron Abuelo Añejo is an instantly appealing premium rum, prepared by the fermentation of sugar cane honeys and the most modern technical procedures available to achieve this level of excellence.  This golden amber spirit has a soft and supple entry that leads to a medium to full bodied palate with sweet fruits, toasted coconut, tobacco and delicate spices.  It finishes with mocha, nuts and a sweet spice fade.  

Ron Abuelo 7 Year (“7 Años”) is a must for cigar aficionados. This brilliant amber spirit has a soft round entry that leads to a medium-bodied palate with light, fruity caramel, tea leaf and toasted coconut notes. It finishes with a long wood spice and roasted walnut fade. Both expressions were recognized as ‘exceptional rums’ by the Beverage Testing Institute and rewarded with 1 st  and 2 nd  place of the 2007 and 2008 “Best Buy Rums”.

As Luis José Varela stated, “Rum consumers are becoming more knowledgeable in the trade and therefore more sophisticated in their taste.  There is a growing segment of consumers that is interested in less quantity and much more quality.”   Ron Abuelo benefits from the expertise of Varela Hermanos, one of the few distilleries that grows its own sugar cane and will soon be available around the world to spread the taste of the warm culture and rich heritage of   Panama.

Varela Imports Unleashes The Caribbean  Spirit with Rum Jumbie Liqueur and Rum Jumbie Splash

The popular tropical spirits are about to conquer the US Market 

( October 27, 2008 –   New York,   NY) –   In an effort to spread the   Caribbean  spirit to the beverage industry, Varela Imports introduces Rum Jumbie Liqueur and Rum Jumbie Splash, two inventive rums that are sure to revolutionize the world of tropical spirits.

Launched in St. Martin, Rum Jumbie Liqueur is an exotic blend of aged   Caribbean  rum with hints of tropical orange, lemon and passion fruit, accented by delicate spices and aged at least two years. In   Caribbean  lore, Jumbies are playful spirits that were believed to inhabit those who enjoyed rum, which explains the name ‘Rum Jumbie’. The unique sculpted figurine bottle is a tribute to those celestial spirits and to the legend behind this harmonious tropical spirit. Rum Jumbie Liqueur can be enjoyed on the rocks with fresh lime juice as well as in many cocktails.

Rum Jumbie Splash is the ultimate blend of the finest premium   Caribbean  rum, infused with natural fruit flavors. It is available in four expressions: coconut, pineapple, vanilla and mango, and reflects the carefree   Caribbean  lifestyle. Splash is made of imported aged rum and high quality ingredients.  It can be enjoyed on the rocks, with fruit juices or with a multitude of mixers to create exotic, unforgettable libations.

Rum Jumbie Liqueur and Rum Jumbie Splash are made from an exclusive sugar cane that provides both tropical spirits a unique, harmonious taste. Popular in the Caribbean, residents and locals enjoy them at the various tasting booths and branded bars located throughout the islands of St. Martin and St. Barts, and at the local airport, which is the gateway to most of the   Caribbean  islands.

Innovative, colorful cocktails can be made with Rum Jumbie Liqueur and Rum Jumbie Splash, such as the  Tropical Jumbie Twister made with Rum Jumbie Mango and a vanilla splash, and  Jumbie Love, a tantalizing mix of fresh  watermelon and Rum Jumbie Pineapple Splash.


Ron Abuelo is produced by Varela Hermanos S.A and imported by Varela Imports, Inc.
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