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Modern Distillery Age — A New Weekly E-Newsletter for the U.S. Spirits Business

I’d like to introduce you to and invite you to subscribe to Modern Distillery Age

Modern Distillery Age began publication in December 2009 as a weekly e-newsletter for all those involved in the U.S. spirits business — meaning those who produce and sell distilled spirits and those who provide services to the distilled spirits business:

Large Drinks Companies — Craft Distillers — Importers
Wholesalers and Distributors
Marketing, Sales and Public Relations Professionals
Distillery Equipment Manufacturers
Bottle and Label Suppliers
On- and Off-Premise Stores/Restaurants/Bars

Each week, Modern Distillery Age researches and reports on breaking news, distillery and executive profiles, marketing and promotional campaigns, new product releases, personnel appointments — and the occasional light-hearted story or two relating to the spirits business. Tasting panels will be added.

Modern Distillery Age is designed and formatted like a magazine (easy to read with lots of photos) and sent once a week as a PDF attachment to subscribers. Subscriptions are $195 a year for 50 issues.

Modern Distillery Age is published and edited by me, Gregg Glaser. I’ve covered the spirits and beer businesses since 1994 as an editor, columnist and reporter for many consumer and trade publications. Modern Distillery Age takes its name and format from Modern Brewery Age, a similar publication that’s been covering the beer business since 1933.

The first six issues of Modern Distillery Age are available on the website ( ; the Samples tab on the left side). Weekly issues will no longer be posted to the website, and Modern Distillery Age will be paid subscription only.

I’m sure you’ll find Modern Distillery Age useful and a publication you’ll want to subscribe to.

Never hesitate to call or email with news items, questions or suggestions. If you're in NYC, give me a call and we'll have a drink.

Gregg Glaser

Modern Distillery Age

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