Choosing a single malt Scotch to drink or share with friends can be an intimidating task – there are numerous choices but very little clear and concise information on the unique characteristics of whiskies such as flavor profiles, age statements, and regions of origin.  Now The Classic Malts Selection, the world’s finest portfolio of Scotch representing all of the major whisky flavor profiles including Oban, Lagavulin, and The Singleton of Glendullan, helps to simplify the decision-making process with Malt Matcher. This new tool was designed to dispel confusion and aid in choosing whiskies that suit your palate.  Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur or a single malt novice, Malt Matcher can assist in your Scotch selection.

Malt Matcher allows you to easily find single malts that cater to your individual tastes, meaning you can choose the right single malt with far greater confidence and attain an end result of palatable satisfaction. Now available for download from the Apple Store ( ) or on, the free Malt Matcher iPhone app is designed to help you find the ideal single malt through three simple methods that aim to educate you in the world of whisky. If you already prefer a certain single malt but are ready to branch out and try something a little different, you can find whiskies that offer similar flavor profiles to your Scotch of choice.  Perhaps you are familiar with the region from which your favorite whisky hails (for example, Island whiskies like Talisker are generally sweet and peaty in character) - MaltMatcher can help you find Scotches that will have similar favorable qualities. While many people are familiar with wine pairings, most may be surprised to know that whisky can also be a great accompaniment to food.  If you want a whisky that pairs well with your favorite dishes such as pork sausages or sushi, or even a decadent dessert such as crème brulee, you can use Malt Matcher to identify those single malts whose unique flavors will be enhanced by your favorite foods.  A Malt Matcher-inspired dinner is sure to create an unforgettable evening for you and your friends, but the hearty pairings will allow you to enjoy the whisky in a responsible manner. When you share a special evening with friends remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver present.

Whatever the single malt you're looking for, Malt Matcher is a simple way to find a Scotch whisky that best meets your personal taste. “Since the Classic Malts Selection is one of the most comprehensive whisky portfolios in the world, we felt it was important to aid single malt fans in their quest to explore the world of whisky with a tool that speaks to today’s technologically advanced society,” says Dan Kleinman, Marketing Director for Diageo’s Scotch brands.  Having the Malt Matcher app or accompanying Web site ( ) at the ready – whether to use as a cheat sheet for important business dinners, when sharing drinks with friends or to select inventive gifts – will certainly impress those with whom you choose to share a dram.

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