Kasteel Cru is a refreshing and unique lager that is made with Champagne yeast. Previously only available in Europe, the import has now reached the U.S. and is exclusively available in New York City. High-end beers like Kasteel Cru are starting to take hold internationally and are often consumed as an alternative to wine and spirits.

Kasteel Cru is brewed at la Brasserie Lincorne in Alsace, France, using specially selected Champagne yeast, malted barley, hops and the purest Alsace water originating from les Vosges mountains. The lager is presented in its own distinctive bottle, produced by expert glass-molders in Reims, the capital of the Champagne region.

Kasteel Cru is a deliciously crafted lager which combines strength with a light, effervescent body. Perfectly inspired by the quest to capture the uniquely rich and diverse characteristics of France's 'petit jardin' in a fine lager, the satisfying reward of a great beer body is introduced by a bright, lively head and finished with the crisp, clean promise of more to come. It’s also a great base for beer cocktails, one of the hottest trends in New York.

Kasteel Cru is currently available at high-end locations in Manhattan, such as TenJune, Marquee, Blue Water Grill, Ocean Grill, the Bowery Hotel, the Hotel on Rivington, and many other high end and exclusive accounts. TenJune’s general manager, Eric Marx, says “There was a gap in our current beer offerings and Kasteel Cru is a perfect fit. Customers that have tried it are asking where else they can get it, and fortunately, we are one of only a handful of accounts.”

In Long Island, Kasteel Cru is available at Burton & Doyle Steakhouse, Bistro Citron in Roslyn, Whole Foods in Manhasset and many others.

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