KAH® Tequila Receives Top Industry Honor for Innovative Packaging

KAH® Tequila ends its challenging first year on a triumphant note by earning first place for New Product Packaging in Beverage Dynamics’ Advertising & Promotion Awards.

November 20, 2010 – San Diego, CA: Though first place recognition by top industry publication Beverage Dynamics is an honor for any spirits brand, getting that honor in its 75 th anniversary edition adds to that cache. For KAH® Tequila and creator Kim Brandi, meanwhile, this honor is compounded by the fact that the brand’s early growing pains and a rough economy have given way to unprecedented demand and orders from retailers, restaurants and consumers.


Now in its 26 th year, The Beverage Dynamics Advertising & Promotion Awards competition highlights the industry’s best examples of innovative merchandising and advertising programs. KAH® Tequila took first place in the category for New Product Packaging, which reflects how the bottle can not only sell a product but also inspiration to consumers and mixologists on how to use the product inside. The packaging’s quality also needs to match up to the spirit inside, and vice versa. The one of a kind, hand-painted bottles also tell interesting stories about Day of the Dead traditions all over Latin America.


KAH (which means Life in Mayan) was inspired by the 3,000 year old celebration of Life known as Dia de Los Muertos. The tequila’s unique packaging stirred up a touch of controversy with its skull shaped packaging, however the brand’s ability to stand tall with a clearly defined design with its own attributes not only enabled the brand to persevere but also go on to gain recognition as one of the hottest and most coveted ultra premium tequilas on the market. The brand’s ability to gain fans on the professional and consumer end, and win a number of major taste competitions also underscores the strength and savvy of the brand and its parent company, Elements Spirits.

“This honor is huge, and its validation that our intention to put out a superior tequila with a strong message about craftsmanship and authenticity shined through,” says KAH® Tequila founder/CEO Kim Brandi. “The packaging is what will drive sales, however in the end it’s what’s inside that really counts, and people have been responding in ways that have exceeded our expectations. It is our hope that now we are passed a first year with larger-than-usual obstacles and a tough economy, we will soar forward in 2011. The recognition from Beverage Dynamics shows we’ve got the power to do just that.”

The power behind the packaging lies within what inspired the bottles that reflect the distinct personality of each KAH® Tequila variety. KAH® Tequila Anejo is housed in a black bottle with white motifs representing the practices of Nicaraguans who take the maxim of “resting in peace” to a literal level, sleeping on the graves during Day of the Dead to renew their emotional ties to departed loved ones.

The yellow and red “El Diablo” bottle containing the 110 proof Reposado is inspired by Day of the Dead celebrations in Peru, with rituals incorporated to appeal to the Devil’s better nature and keep miners, who work in close proximity to the underworld, and their families safe. White KAH® Tequila Blanco bottles represent the traditions of Bolivia, where skulls of the dearly departed are taken out on November 8 so they can be entertained, fed and served tequila by their loved ones as a way warding off evil spirits to protect the living.

The many faces of KAH® Tequila will now be hitting store shelves in major US Markets this December 1, 2010.

KAH® Tequila is a product of and marketed by Elements Spirits, Inc. Imported by Worldwide Beverage Imports, LLC., producer of fine quality, organic and Kosher products such as Agave 99 Tequila and Ed Hardy Silver Tequila. Please sip your tequila responsibly. For more information on KAH ® Tequila, visit www.kahtequila.com.

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