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Gran Tulum Tequila, a savory treasure of Mexico’s culture and Mayan tradition.  Tequila, as produced exclusively within Mexico Tequila Region, within its State of Jalisco, plays a significant role in the history of Mexico, its people, their heritage, music, architecture and lifestyle.

And while the state of Jalisco offers the world over a thousand different tequila labels, Grand Tulum’s stands at the pinnacle of this quality.   It is 100% blue agave tequila, and an ultra premium style, Gran Tulum Extra Anejo, is aged for 8 years in rich White Oak, more so than any other Tequila available today.  Gran Tulum is the sentinel for 100% blue agave, as it wears the official seal of authenticity, the world’s assurance of Mexico’s finest 100% blue agave tequila.

Gran Tulum SilverGran Tulum ReposadoGran Tulum Anejo

Gran Tulum’s blue agave plants are cultivated and ripened in Jalisco’s sacred tequila fields for 8 to 10 years.   Each plant is then harvested by Gran Tulum’s Jimadors using the round shaped hand-held blades call coas, a time-honored process that has been used for centuries.  The jimadors then remove the large, spiny leaves or juevos, shaping the agave root ball into a pina, or pineapple.  Each agave pina can weight 200 pounds or more, and are taken fresh from the field directly to Gran Tulum’s distillery.    

Upon reaching the Gran Tulum distillery, the pinas are placed in large 30 foot by 6 foot diameter steam ovens.  Often holding 150 or more Pinas, then ovens steam cook the pina for approximately 12 hours.

After the Pinas are softened through Gran Tulum’s steam cooking process they go through a sophisticated shredding process.  Gran Tulum’s selected Pinas are then pressed and drained of their rich, highly fermentable juices.  This “musto” juice is then combined with Gran Tulum’s own yeast as the fermentation process beings.

After 32 to 48 hours of fermentation, whereby the yeast feeds on the musto’s juice, it is converted into a nectar of agave and alcohol.   The nectar is then put into Gran Tulum’s traditional copper stills.   It is then slowly drip-distilled a minimum of two times, often more depending upon the style of Gran Tulum desired.

With patience and tradition, the Gran Tulum Tequila is then ready for the final stage of distinction.   Gran Tulum Blanco, or Silver, as the name implies, is bottle directly from its stainless steel finishing tanks.  Reposado is aged in hand-charred White Oak barrels for three months before bottling can begin.  Anejo, also aged in White Oak, gently matures for one year or more.   Extra Anejos require a minimum of three years of aging.  For Gran Tulum, three years is simply not enough, as Gran Tulum slowly ages its Extra Anejo in White Oak for up to eight years.

Upon reaching Gran Tulum desired age, each selected grand Tulum barrel is blended with others of the same age to assure flavor and quality consistency. All Gran Tulum Tequilas are filled by hand in Gran Tulum exclusive hand crafted bottles.  The Gran Tulum name is then shipped to tequila connoisseurs the world over.

Gran Tulum Silver

Gran Tulum’s Tequila Silver is the original tequila that started it all.  It is crystal clear and distillery fresh.  It is bottled immediately upon its second distillation.  Gran Tulum Tequila Silver represents the true bouquet and greatest flavor of the agave plant.  It is a bold drink traditionally enjoyed in a glass called a Cabajito.

Gran Tulum Reposado

Gran Tulum’s Tequila Reposado, or ‘rested’, is State required to be held in oak barrels for a minimum of three months.  However, Gran Tulum uses only hand-charred White Oak, and slow matures its Reposado for up to one year.  Gran Tulum While Oak mellows its Reposado taste, while enhancing its aromatic blue agave essence.  Gran Tulum Tequila Reposado’s superior taste and quality has made it the pinnacle of this special style.

Gran Tulum Anejo

Gran Tulum Tequila Anejo, or “aged,” is also very slow-aged in charred White Oak barrels for a minimum of one, and more often up to three years.    The result is a red oak color and rich, woodsy, flavor with a mellow finish that is the sophistication of Gran Tulum Anejo. 

Gran Tulum Extra Anejo, or “extra aged,” is the cognac of tequilas.  Gently matured for eight years in charred-white oak barrels, Gran Tulum Extra Anejo has earned the top rank within the tequila industry for its exquisite taste and unparalleled quality.  While expensive, it is truly the finest tequila in the world today.

All Gran Tulum tequilas proudly wear the 100% blue agave seal of authenticity.   Tequila without this seal are often 51% blue agave, using sugars or other adjunct fermentables to short-cut the distillation process, and reduce the price.  If you enjoy the best, look for the official seal of 100% blue Agave as earned by every bottle of Gran Tulum Tequila.

Gran Tulum Tequila, Mayan Tradition in the World’s Finest Tequila!

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