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October 13, 2011

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Cockspur Rum

Cockspur Rum Wins Nationwide Fans; Prepares to Enter New U.S. Markets

HOOD RIVER , Ore. Cockspur, the most authentic of rums, may be 123 years old, but it’s still winning international awards and making more appearances than ever before.

Created in Barbados , the birthplace of rum, Cockspur has been celebrating its success in the U.S. as the rum of choice for Bajan (Barbados-American) celebrations on the East Coast, at events sponsored by the Barbados Tourism Authority in New York City , Gamecock alumni parties in South Carolina and throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

With its reintroduction in the U.S. a little over a year ago and its subsequent growth of more than 100 percent in select markets, Cockspur 12 premium aged rum, Cockspur Fine Rum and Cockspur Rum Punch are ready to cross the road into dozens of new states.

“The U.S. is a key growth area market for Cockspur and we are delighted with the initial successes the portfolio has achieved,” said David Smith, Cockspur’s global brand director.

Cockspur 12 Wins Accolades, Medals

Rum connoisseurs will appreciate the qualities of Cockspur 12 that make it eminently sippable.

The March 2007 Spirit Journal, edited by spirits expert F. Paul Pacult, gave the product a three-star salute and recommended it with these tasting notes: “The aroma immediately shows layering as bittersweet molasses lies atop a subtle layer of dried red fruits, oak and nuts. With time in the glass, the bouquet develops a lovely, integrated personality that gives equal time to (all ingredients).”

Cockspur 12 also won gold medals in 2006 at the International Cane Spirits Festival® and received 93 points for an “exceptional” rating from the International Review of Spirits.

Cockspur Fine Rum Scores Silver Medal

Cockspur Fine Rum added to the family of medals with silver from judges of the 2007 International Cane Spirits Festival®. Competing in the category of rums aged up to and including eight years, Cockspur Fine bested such notables as Appleton Estate Reserve and Mount Gay Eclipse.

In 2006, Cockspur Fine Rum was awarded a gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

This product is a fine choice for mixing with sodas or fruit juices. Or drink it like they do in Barbados —over ice with a splash of ginger beer.

One critic said, “…the mid-palate stage is pleasingly candied-fruit like and very much like confectioner’s sugar.” This is the perfect spirits base for this summer’s hot Caribbean-like days and nights on the town or in your own back yard. Cheers!  

Quick, Easy, Delicious Defines Cockspur Rum Punch  

A recent recipe on a popular cocktail Web site calls for eight ingredients to make a “modern rum punch.” If you don’t have time to source litchi, blood oranges and white peaches, then Cockspur Rum Punch is for you!

Nothing could be easier or more fun than this sunset-hued instant cocktail punch.

Made from select Barbados rum and natural flavors, it is packaged in plastic and is ready to serve. Just add ice and a few fruit or citrus slices.

All three Cockspur products are available in liquor stores and bars across the United States . Visit www.hrdspirits.com or call 503-574-3693 for more information.

Founded in 1934, Hood River Distillers is the Northwest’s oldest and largest importer and producer of distilled spirits. Pendleton Whisky, Broker’s London Dry Gin, Cockspur Rum, Knicker’s Irish Cream Whiskey, ULLR Schnapps and Spudka Vodka are just a few of the nearly 50 different labels and brands distributed by the company.

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