Cabana Cachaça And Developing Minds Foundation Announce Year Long Joint Fundraising Effort In Support Of Brazil’s Favelas

NEW YORK, NY (February 10, 2010) Matti Anttila, Founder and President of Brazilian spirits brand Cabana Cachaça, and Philippe Houdard, Founder and President of Developing Minds Foundation, announced a year-long commitment to a program that raises funds for the Foundation, whose mission includes funding education projects aimed at children in Brazil’s impoverished favelas.

As part of the effort to support Developing Minds Foundation’s projects, Cabana Cachaça has committed to donating $1 per bottle sold in 2010 to the Foundation. The funds will be earmarked for the Foundation’s education projects in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Cabana Cachaça will also be working with its partners in the hospitality industry, from wholesalers and accounts to marketing partners, to create impactful programs that educate consumers and trade on the issue of poverty in Brazil, multiplying the ultimate benefit to the Foundation.

"Last week I had the opportunity to visit an education project supported by Developing Minds in Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro. The conditions in Rocinha are difficult to fathom, with its desperate living conditions and lack of opportunity. But there, amongst abject poverty and dreadful circumstances, projects like the one I visited are striving in extraordinarily difficult conditions to provide hope and guidance to the children of the favela,” said Anttila.

“As the leading artisanal version of Brazil’s national spirit, we have always strived to promote the beauty of Brazil, its people and its culture. With Carnaval in Rio about to kick off, Brazil’s prospects have never been as great as they are today. However, with great success comes great responsibility. I feel the same applies to us at Cabana. While we’re a small, but growing brand, I’m confident that in partnership with Developing Minds Foundation and the support of our loyal customers and industry partners, our impact on a vitally important issue will be significant. My goal is not merely donating money, but making a lasting impact that remains true to our roots as a company and helps promote meaningful progress and opportunity for those who need it most.”

“We are pleased to enter into this agreement with Cabana Cachaça and help foster the company’s commitment to philanthropy,” said Houdard. “This will have a direct impact on the lives of many children in the favelas of Rio and provide them with an opportunity to join in with the rest of Brazil for a better life.”

About Cabana Cachaça:
The ultimate version of Brazil’s national spirit, Cabana Cachaça is an artisanal pure cane spirit that proves that all cachaças are not created equal. A Double Gold Medal winner at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and rated 94 points by renowned spirits critic Anthony Dias Blue in The Tasting Panel, Cabana is the first single-estate cachaça to be double-distilled in copper pot stills and mellowed for nine months in native Brazilian Jequitibá Rosa barrels for unmatched quality and versatility. Whether served in Brazil’s national cocktail the Caipirinha or in any handcrafted cocktail, Cabana is cachaça redefined. More information may be found at: . Become a fan of Cabana Cachaça on facebook .

About Developing Minds Foundation:
Developing Minds Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that builds schools and sponsors education programs in areas affected by violence and poverty. To date, the Foundation has helped educate over 12,000 children in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in rural areas of Colombia. More information may be found at: . Become a fan of Developing Minds Foundation on facebook .


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