The Polished Palate Announces Agreement with Beverage Marketing Online to Provide Video Reviews of Select Spirits Brands

April 14, 2009 St. Petersburg Florida

Dori Bryant, President of the Polished Palate, has joined forces with to review select spirits brands in a new interactive video format called I-vid TM. The format is the proprietary software property of Beverage Marketing Online.

The reviews will combine Bryant’s vibrant personality with her extensive knowledge of the complexity of distilled spirits, in an entertaining yet informative atmosphere.

This I-vid™ format allows viewers to click on pre-exisiting questions. This engages the viewer to interact with Bryant to receive the information in the order the viewer desires. The I-vid™ is a big leap from the sometimes boring monologue format of a straight-line video.

“It is a well known fact that consumers go to the internet to seek information about products in general and distilled spirit brands in particular”, said Kurt W. Krause, President of Beverage Marketing Online, a division of A Cork Above, Inc.

“Through these on-line reviews we will be able to help brands connect better with consumers. That is an exciting prospect for brands seeking exposure in a fiercely competitive atmosphere” said Bryant.

Bryant continues to help brands build awareness through her popular spirit festivals staged around the country. The I-vids TM are yet another way to build awareness and provide exposure.

“Even though the popularity of YouTube speaks for itself--how many of you have really watched a YouTube feature from beginning to end?” challenges Krause. “We break up the video experience into little bites. The viewer can click on a question or a subject. This interaction brings the viewer a lot closer to the product” noted Bryant.

These product review I-vids™ will be posted on Beverage Marketing On Line,, , and on the brand owners’ and distributors’ websites. There’s an easy “forward to a friend” feature affording the ability to go viral. The I-vid™ will also be made available on DVD to the brand owners and their distributors to be used for training purposes as well as in sales situations. To view the I-vid™ on Szambelan Polish Vodka, visit the Polished Palate Home page.

About the Polished Palate

Since 2005, the Polished Palate has been hosting cutting edge tasting events, educating the consumer on all aspects of each distilled spirit category. Through seminars hosted by recognized industry professionals, guests learn about the history and culture of each spirit, their impact on society, current trends and appropriate tasting techniques, while promoting responsible consumption—all in a festive format.


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