Absolut Spirits Company
Country of Origin:  Sweden

  • Absolut Vodka
  • Absolut Apeach
  • Absolut Citron
  • Absolut Kurrant
  • Absolut Mandrin
  • Absolut Peppar
  • Absolut Raspberri
  • Absolut Ruby Red Grapefruit New 2006
  • Absolut Vanila
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Absolut Raspberri
  • Absolut Mandrin
  • Absolut Vanila
  • Absolut Kurrant
  • Absolut Citron
  • Absolut Peppar
  • Absolut Apeach

Absolut Ruby Red Grapefruit NEW 2006

ABSOLUT RUBY RED has a distinctly complex, floral aroma with clear notes of natural grapefruit. The zesty and refreshing flavor stems from the Grapefruit peel; the long aftertaste has a slightly dry and fruity finish. The smooth frosting of the bottle is graced with shades of RUBY RED inspired by fresh grapefruits wedges, emphasizing its sophisticated and fresh flavor. The shape of the RUBY RED bottle, like all other ABSOLUT bottles, was designed with a natural simplicity in mind that showcases the clarity and perfection of the product.

Millennium Import LLC
Country of Origin: POLAND

Belvedere Vodka is distilled from 100% Dankowskie Gold Rye, which has only been successfully harvested in Poland. Belvedere Vodka is distilled four times, the optimum number for achieving its unique flavor profile—three distillations leave minor imperfections, five distillations strip away delicious flavor notes.

Belvedere Vodka

Recognized and appreciated by discriminating enthusiasts worldwide, Belvedere offers an authentic experience in luxury that’s worthy of every celebration, whether everyday or extraordinary. Meticulously hand-crafted in small batches, it has a subtle sweetness and smooth, clean finish that only comes from using rye as the single ingredient

Belvedere Cytrus

Handcrafted using lemons grown in the sunny citrus groves near Murcia, Spain, and limes harvested nearby in southeastern Spain, Belvedere Cytrus expresses the lively character of natural lemon and exotic layers of lime. Macerated with four-times distilled Belvedere ‘spirit’, crafted with 100% Dankowskie Gold Rye, it is a subtle combination of pure lemon enhanced by an exotic hint of lime.

Belvedere Pomarancza

Distilled using ripe mandarin (a small fragrant citrus fruit harvested in southern Spain), Moroccan oranges and exotic Moroccan orange blossoms, as well as limes from southeastern Spain. This spirit shows deep orange aromas with bursts of orange blossom. Flavor notes of sweet oranges are balanced by an elegant touch of lime.

Belvedere Brochure (400kb pdf)

Bacardi USA
Country of Origin: UK

Bombay Sapphire has a unique distillation process: there are only a few Carterhead stills remaining in the world today, and four are distinctive to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE. Unlike other gins, which boil their botanicals with the spirit, the Bombay Sapphire spirit is distilled alone. To achieve the unique flavor Bombay Sapphire, the spirit passes through the botanicals in vapor form- a process known as vapor infusion. This allows each delicate aroma to be fully absorbed. The result is a complex subtle taste sensation.

The selection and balance of Bombay Sapphire’s botanicals is based on a recipe dating back to 1761. Though the ten botanicals (listed below) are public knowledge, the way they are balanced remains a closely guarded secret.

Spanish Almonds Spanish Lemons Indo-Chinese Cassia Bark Cabeb Berries from Java Orris Root from Italy Italian Juniper Berries Grains of Paradise from West Africa Liquorice from China Moroccan Coriander Angelica

Bombay Sapphire Foundation

This Foundation was established in 2001 to recognize, encourage and reward the very best in contemporary design and in particular glass design, embracing education, commerce and our everyday lives. The members of the Foundation include leading international designers and some of the world’s most respected figures from the glass and design industry.

Country of Origin: Holland

Bong Vodka was envisioned and created by a group of contemporary artists to fuse together a new wave of progressive fashion and designer attitude with an age-old Dutch product of exceptional quality. Its artisanal formula has been handed down through five generations of master distillers and produced through a 150 Year Old manual process, rich with traditional standards and superior craftsmanship.

The designer quality of Bong Spirits serve to unite those of various lifestyles together in spirit, by way of expressionism and appreciation for ultramodern music, art and culture. Triple distilled.  The bottle is made in Italy and is individually numbered, hand painted and signed by the artist.

Castle Brands
Country of Origin: Ireland

Boru Vodka

Named for Brian Boru, the first high King of Ireland, the frosted bottle features an embossed date of 1014, the year that Brian Boru led Ireland to victory against foreign invaders. It is the original vodka from Ireland and is the only Irish Vodka in the US . Made with pure Irish spring water, it is quadruple distilled for smoothness and clarity. It is the only vodka distilled through 10 feet of Atlantic Irish oak charcoal.

Boru Citrus Vodka

Boru Citrus Vodka is vivacious. It dances on the tongue as it crackles into life. This is not a shy vodka, it brings its array of mouth-filling flavors immediately to the forefront. In this expression, the two component flavors—lemon & lime—are surgically balanced and indistinguishable on the palate. The finish is warm and pleasing.

Boru Orange Vodka

A more composed spirit than the Citrus, this vodka has a medium-weight body, orange-blossom bouquet and two-toned orange-tangerine palate. A burst of tangerine flavor keeps the orange from dominating and relegating the vodka into a one-dimensional expressio

Boru Crazzberry Vodka

From stem to stern it’s a bonafide treat for the senses. Be sure to linger with its bouquet, a lavish offering of fresh raspberry and cranberry. The body is light and laced with warmth and electricity, a characteristic of the Boru house style. On the palate, the flavor medley presents itself in an initial flurry, a series of waves of raspberry and then cranberry flavor. The relaxed finish is broadly flavorful and thankfully long-lasting.

    Empire Winery & Distillery
    Country of Origin: USA

    FIVE STAR RATING *****: As noted by Kevin Kosar of Alcohol Reviews in November 2005, “a rye vodka that is six times distilled? Aaaah, life gets better and better for the American drinker. This vodka (80 proof), is exceedingly interesting. It is the only vodka that I know of that actually tastes better and better as it warms. Many, if not most, vodkas taste best bone cold. And as they warm, they get gassy and less pleasant. Not so this vodka, it actually seems to bloom as it warms. Fragrant with rye, very soft in the mouth, utterly unique. A vodka for the true afficionado. PERFECT RATING (Rating *****)

Planet 10 Spirits
Country of Origin: Holland

In Dutch "effen" means smooth, even and balanced. Imported from Holland, EFFEN vodka is made using a continuous distillation process that distills the vodka hundreds of times before it is bottled. EFFEN vodka's taste profile and packaging were developed with input from hundreds of bartenders.

Effen Vodka uses continuous distillation and is filtered through peat, not charcoal. This process removes all impurities and congeners. Impurities can alter the taste of the distillate and increase the intensity of hangovers.

Effen Vodka feels good when you pour it. The rubber sleeve keeps Effen Vodka cold longer than glass for bottle service and ice-cold martini cocktails.

Effen Vodka is distilled at significantly lower temperatures than other vodkas. This eliminates “caramelization,” an occurrence that yields a harshness and “bite” on the palate.

Effen Black Cherry is the result of insight, inspiration, and invention. Effen Black Cherry is the only ultra-premium vodka to combine natural Black Cherry and Vanilla flavors in one presentation – it is the first of its kind. The result is a fresh, multi-layered taste that will inspire unique signature drinks and flavored martinis. Effen Black Cherry begins with Effen Vodka, so it is smooth, even, and balanced. Hand selected Dutch wheat, perfectly pure water, and the acclaimed Effen Vodka distillation and filtration methods are the heart and soul of Effen Black Cherry.

Brown-Forman Company
Country of Origin: Finland


The origin of Finlandia starts with the pure glacial spring water. It then continues with the finest premium six-row barley and the nourishment of the Midnight Sun. Then our state-of-the-art continuous distillation process yields the world’s finest vodka. The Finlandia Ice Bottle has been synonymous with premium vodka. The label design features natural landscapes and a legendary Finnish symbol, the white reindeer, as well as the Midnight Sun. Legend has it that if you’re lucky enough to see the sun, moon and white reindeer simultaneously, any wish you make will be granted.

Finlandia Cranberry

When looking for a flavor, Finlandia doesn’t have to look much farther than Finland ’s natural forests. The Arctic Cranberry thrives underneath the Midnight Sun, producing a flavor that’s deliciously tart and a little sweet. Arctic cranberries are so delicious, bears and cranes clamor for them.

Finlandia Lime

Finlandia pioneered the concept of creating a fusion of flavors using fruit and vodka. And, with this idea, Finlandia was the first to create three of the world’s most requested flavored vodkas.

Finlandia Mango

With their fair Scandinavian complexions, the Finnish weren’t exactly made for the tropics. Funny, then, that we’d create a vodka that was. Finlandia Mango infusion is the perfect balance of flavors from two different parts of the world. The result is a vodka pure as a glacial stream, with a tropical mango taste more likely to conjure up visions of sand dunes than snowdrifts.

Finlandia Wild Berries NEW

Bacardi USA
Country of Origin: France

In the fine epicurean tradition of France comes a vodka of uncommon brilliance. Created in the celebrated Cognac Region of Western France under the watchful eye of the Maitre de Chai (Cellar Master), GREY GOOSE Vodka is truly a unique offering.

From the finest French Wheat to the natural spring water filtered through champagne limestone, every element that goes into its production ensures Grey Goose stands alone as the World’s Best Tasting Vodka.

The people of the Cognac region are master artists, building off of a 500-year-old history of creating luxury from soil, earning them the reputation as purveyors of some of the finest culinary delights.

The creation begins with 100% fine French wheat from the highly coveted Beauce region, the Bread Basket of France. Spring water, originating in the Massif Central Mountains, in the heart of France, flows into the Cognac region. It is naturally filtered through champagne limestone resulting in exceptionally soft, sweet and pure water.

The pure grain spirit goes through a five-step distillation process. With each step the true essence and character of the vodka is revealed.

Enjoy the Grey Goose Flavors too.

  • Grey Goose L’Orange
  • Grey Goose Le Citron
  • Grey Goose La Vanille

Admiral Wine Merchants
Country of Origin: Canada

If the first ingredient needed to create the highest quality Gin is pure water, then what is Gin made with Icebergs?????

The makers of award-winning Iceberg Vodka are proud to introduce ICEBERG LONDON DRY GIN.

Naturally pure, naturally smooth, naturally premium. 12,000 years ago the Earth’s snow was truly Pure, Untouched and Pristine. Millenniums later, in the frozen Canadian North, compacted behind giant glacial walls, this snow remains captured, frozen and protected from all outside impurities. As time passes, these elusive glacial snow fields find their way to the North Atlantic where they calf and become ICEBERGS. During the Spring these naturally pure icebergs are harvested and blended with a secret selection of the finest botanical ingredients and ‘peaches and cream’ neutral grain sweet corn spirit. Creating a unique exquisitely light, refreshing, slightly citrus taste on the palate and an invigorating aromatic smell to the nose.

Iceberg London Dry Gin is so smooth and flavorful that we also encourage you to try it neat, slighted chilled. The Gin Martini is back and is now becoming a memorable experience with the uniquely delicious flavor of Iceberg Gin.

Iceberg London Dry Gin is produced and bottled by Canadian Iceberg Vodka Corp. in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Admiral Wine Merchants
Country of Origin: Canada

12,000 years ago the Earth’s snow was truly pure, UNTOUCHED. Pristine in the Canadian arctic this snow froze and compacted within glacial walls, avoiding all impurities from the outside world.

Millenniums later, these icebergs are harvested as pure as the day they were created, then blended with triple distilled rich Canadian grains.

Made with care, nature makes it pure premium. Canadian Iceberg Vodka is the finest vodka available anywhere in the world today.

The bottle is designed and shaped like a piece of chiseled ice with a flat side for easy storage in your freezer. It has been referred to as a work of art and was custom designed for Canadian Iceberg.

Ranked number one in the world by the Greater New York Chapter of Tasters Guild International for the best-imported premium vodka, 2004

Remy Cointreau USA
Country of Origin: Russia

Russian Standard Company, the number one premium vodka company in Russia, launched IMPERIA vodka in the Fall of 2005.

Mr. Roustam Tariko, owner and Chairman of Russian Standard Company in Moscow said, "We are proud to share with the U.S. the number one luxury vodka from our country. And as the dominant leader of premium vodkas in Russia, we take great pride in reclaiming Russia's rightful place as the world's finest maker of vodka.

The IMPERIA bottle embodies the elegance and Imperial character of Russia as well as the dynamic aesthetic of Russian modernity. The bottle was captured by renowned photographer Raymond Meier, whose portrayal of beauty and provenance perfectly suited him to capture the essence and authenticity behind the IMPERIA brand.

According to The International Wine and Spirit Record, Russia is the largest vodka market in the world, with annual domestic sales of approximately 280 million cases. Russian Standard Company created the premium category in 1995, within a market principally comprised of low quality, inexpensive brands. Today, Russian Standard vodkas, of which Imperia is the flagship, dominate with over two-thirds share of the premium segment in Russia. The U.S. is the largest premium vodka market in the world with over 10 million cases. Tariko added, "Our goal in the U.S. is to do what we've already done in Russia ... become the #1 luxury vodka."

IMPERIA is uniquely based on famed Russian scientist Dimitri Mendeleev's original formula, decreed by Czar Alexander III as "The Standard of Vodka" for the royal court of St. Petersburg in 1894. Chromatography testing conducted by the Russian Scientific Institute of Food Biotechnology reveals that IMPERIA has the fewest impurities of the world's leading premium vodkas.

About Imperia

Distilled and bottled in St. Petersburg, IMPERIA's premium caliber is founded in the perfect marriage of both Russia's fabled heritage and its 21st century dynamism. IMPERIA starts with the highest grade of winter wheat grains harvested from the black soil of the Russian Steppe, blended with soft glacial waters from Russia's frozen north, and then meticulously distilled eight times, four times above the industry average luxury grade spirit. The liquid is filtered twice through charcoal and twice through charged quartz crystals from the Ural Mountains, to produce the purest vodka on the market, with a clean velvety smooth taste.

Absolut Spirits Company
Country of Origin: Sweden

Made from Winter Wheat and the embodiment of perfect balance. A Combination of two distinct distillation processes.

One for smoothness. Continuous distillation—first pioneered by ABSOLUT in the 1800s-removes all unwanted elements from the spirit, resulting in an incredibly pure vodka, smooth and silky to the tongue. Today, vodkas are usually distilled numerous times in order to provide the highest possible quality. The more times the spirit is distilled, the smoother the resulting vodka. Some vodka makers settle for distilling their vodka two to four times, but the continuous distillation method pioneered by ABSOLUT repeats the process thousands of times, removing all unwanted elements and impurities.

One for character. Batch distillation—the traditional method of making vodka-results in a spirit with unique taste and personality. A highly individual approach that results in an equally distinctive character. Traditional craftsmen knew that what is kept in the vodka is as important as what is filtered out. And while the traditional method of producing vodka, batch distillation, may not result in the same degree of smoothness as multiple distillation methods, there is no denying the character and personality of the spirits that this method produces.

Dynamic Beverages
Country of Origin: USA

Orange V starts life as certified 100% pure organic grains grown by small farmers in the US . Organic grains are free of any pesticides and are not genetically altered in any way. Utilizing organic grains, we are sure of starting with the purest ingredients and avoid any unwanted additives in our finished product. The grain is fermented in small batches in our modern distillery located in Idaho . The waters fed into the distillery begin their journey in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and travel down the famed Snake River until they make their way to our distillery.

In order to find the unique flavor profile that is Orange V, we went to Florida to find the juiciest and sweetest oranges. The Florida oranges that we use are Valencia , Mandarin and Tangerine. The sensation you feel when tasting Orange V is akin to biting into a fresh sweet orange. The taste of fresh oranges is in every sip of Orange V

Sailing Star
Country of Origin: UK

Dubbed The Champagne of Vodkas, O2 Sparkling Premium Vodka is not available on this side of the pond yet, but, will be soon, courtesy of Sailing Star

The world’s first sparkling vodka, Vodka O2 was created by International English Distillers. It took 18 months to perfect a process that many thought impossible. And what’s it all for? Flavor, apparently.

“The oxygen bubbles create an exceptionally smooth-tasting vodka, and they stimulate the taste buds, accentuating the flavor of the food the vodka is served with,” says drinks creator Philip Matiland. “It gives a definite lift-and it adds a new twist to the Martini.”

O2 Sparkling Premium Vodka comes in 40 proof and 47 proof versions.


Plymouth Gin
Absolut Spirits Company
Country of Origin: England

Plymouth Gin Original

A great depth of flavor, with a wonderfully fresh juniper, lemony bite with deeper earthy notes.  It has a slight sweetness with extraordinary concentration and complexity.  No single botanical dominates the overall flavor.  No. 17 - Top 100 distilled spirits, F. Paul Pacult’s the Spirit Journal 2004  Voted Best Gin, BBC Good Food Magazine 2002
Double Gold Winner, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2001. Best White Spirit, International Wine & Spirit Competition 2000

What they say..."It's that smell.  It is fabulous.  It's got a really lovely junipery quality.  But you can also actually feel the other rooty, earthy sort of flavorings in there.  And when you come to taste it, it's soft, it's quite a strong spiri...but it's round and it doesn't attack you at all.  It's a very nice gin indeed.  Good with tonic I'd say."
Jilly Goolden, BBC Food & Drink programme

"If you keep gin in the house, this is the one to have"  Nigella Lawson, Vogue Magazine

Plymouth Gin Navy

At a hefty strength of 57% abv, Navy Strength offers a more intense and rich taste to the Original Strength.  The fragrant and aromatic botanicals are amplified at this stronger strength, whilst retaining the smooth and soft character that Plymouth Gin is so renowned for. What they say...

This was the traditional strength required by the British Royal Navy, as it was the benchmark strength at which a spirit could be spilt on gunpowder and it would still ignite.  For almost two centuries, Her Majesty's Naval Fleet was sustained by Plymouth Gin, and no ship left port without a bottle of Navy Strength 100º Proof. 

Plymouth Fruit Cup

Plymouth Gin's Fruit Cup is at the perfect strength of 30% abv, higher than other fruit cups such as Pimms, giving a fuller flavour.  At its heart is our renowned gin, blended with luxurious fruit liqueurs, vermouths, aromatic bitters, and pure citrus fruit extracts.  The taste reveals a burst of tangerine and lime with aromatic fresh blossom. 

Fruit Cups originate from the 19th century and are traditionally served in a jug and garnished with an assortment of fruit and herbs.  Today Fruit Cups are popular as long, refreshing drinks on summer days.  Our special blend was created by Sean Harrison, Head Distiller at Plymouth Gin, and award-winning mixologist, Wayne Collins. 

Plymouth Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin has a rich red color, which is the result of steeping the finest sloe berries in high strength Plymouth Gin and soft Dartmoor water.  The result is a smooth liqueur taste with a beautiful balance between sweet and bitter fruit flavors, and a hint of almonds from the stone of the fruit.

Origins The sloe berry is from the Prunus family and is a hard, small, purple-black fruit of the Blackthorn, which traditionally grows in English hedgerows.  Most of the sloes in Plymouth Sloe Gin grow wild in nearby Dartmoor  National Park.  The making of fruit gins is a long tradition in the British countryside and Plymouth Gin keeps true to a unique 1883 recipe.   The sloe berries are slowly and gently steeped in Plymouth Gin, soft pure Dartmoor water and a small amount of sugar.  The result is an entirely natural product with no added flavorings or colorings.  Sloe Gin has long been enjoyed as a 'winter warmer' in the countryside.  What they say..."

Superb underlying gin base releasing great natural flavors"— Wine & Spirit International

Gold medal in  the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2003. Gold medal in Taste of the West Product Awards 2003

Plymouth Damson Gin

Damson Gin obtains its rich color from the fruit, in the same way as Sloe Gin.  It is a full bodied liqueur which is naturally sweeter than Sloe Gin.  It is lighter on the palate, but still has a full aroma on the nose that is soft yet unmistakably full of the flavor of plums.

The damson, like the sloe berry, is also a member of the Prunus family.  It is a small purple fruit with a yellow flesh.  Many of the high quality damsons that go into Plymouth Damson Liqueur are picked from trees in Cumbria and The Vale of Evesham.  Damson Gin is made in the same unhurried process as Sloe Gin.  Damsons are slowly and gently steeped in Plymouth Gin, soft pure Dartmoor water and sugar and the result is a delicious fruit liqueur.   Gold medal in Taste of the West Product Awards 2003

Sazerac Company
Country of Origin: USA

Rain Vodka is the only vodka made exclusively from organically-grown American grain.
A super-premium vodka, Rain is made from corn grown on Fizzle Flat Farms in Yale, Illinois. America's heartland and one of the few farms growing organic grain in the United States on a commercial scale. To achieve its exceptional smoothness, RAIN undergoes a rigorous production process, including quadruple distillation. Filtration is done with both activated charcoal and diamond dust -- the costliest form of filtration in the spirits business.

Vodka lovers have been enamored with Rain’s exceptional smoothness since the product' birth in 1997. This smoothness is the reason bartenders recommend Rain for use in both sweet and dry martinis as well as all cocktails in which only the smoothest vodka will suffice.

95 Points and Top Spirits for 2003, Wine Enthusiast

Double Gold in 2005 San Francisco Spirits Competition

Smells of pear drop, moss and in the first sniffing; roof of the mouth entrance is feather-light.

Action Group
Country of Origin: USA

Tito Beverage Speaks: “It all started when I went to a watermelon thump in Luling, TX, and my Uncle Phil shared some of his habanero vodka with me. It was cold out of the freezer and hot from the peppers. Really got you going, it wasn't just the alcohol, those peppers affected you like Chinese medicine. You could feel them in your ears, then your hands and feet. After a few years, I was sitting around thinking about what to give my friends for Christmas and decided to make a case of my Uncle's concoction. I didn't stick to my Uncle's recipe since my step dad said he thought the habaneros had crossed with the bell peppers that year. I tripled up on the peppers. They hadn't crossed over and the batch was hot as fire. About 250 people drank out of the 12 bottles and kept telling me to get it on the shelf but not to make it so hot! And, that's how IT all began.

After starting as a hobby, it went to full time. After talking to a bunch of retailers and distributors, I decided that flavored vodka didn't sell enough volume. It was then I decided the future was in micro-distilled spirits and so I created martini grade vodka made in a pot still. I tried to raise money and after two failed attempts, built my own stills and bottling equipment and ‘got busy’.”

What they’re saying…

Wall Street Journal " America's first craft sippin vodka".

CNN “smooth, I mean really smooth".

Calvary Living Magazine "without a doubt, the smoothest, richest vodka you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. Soft and supple with a silky finish."

LA Times “Exceptionally clean and pure and almost devoid of aromas. Smooth and easy drinking, it's medium-bodied, text book vodka that stands out mostly for its utter lack of flaws."

Uncorked with Jurgen Gothe (The Georgia Straight: Vancouver, Canada, Canada's Largest Urban Weekly Guide for Lifestyle and Entertainment) Fresh, clear, full without being syrupy, voluptuous without being blowsy-smooth as velvet, I don't know how he does that..it may be the world's best vodka right now."

Business Week "a purity and smoothness from distilling six times."

Men's Journal "as smooth as anything out of Moscow".

Beverage Management "Tito's Handmade Vodka is world class".

American Way Magazine "It might take you some time to find this special vodka, but it's worth the search".

Houston Chronicle "a home grown symphonic spirit to applaud."

Cocktail.com “Tito's scored 95 points, besting highly publicized brands.”

The Spirits Journal awarded Tito's Handmade Vodka FOUR STARS, only vodka rated that highly describing it as "impeccably pure."

Tony Abou-Ganim of Modern Mixologist Company "it's amazing stuff, with a cult following here."

Boz Spirits, Inc
Country of Origin: USA

Welcome to the first and only line of ultra-premium spirits infused with all-natural, deliciously ripened fruit. Today, flavor doesn’t always come from nature.

Perfect for a lazy afternoon or wild soiree, this smooth ultra-premium, five-times distilled American Grain Vodka is infused with bursts of sun-ripened oranges, lemons, tart cranberries or olives & pearl onions.

267 Vodka Infusion Olives & Pearl Onions…a savory spin on traditions

267 Vodka Infusion Cranberry…sexy and subtle, perfectly balanced

267 Vodka Infusion Lemon…tart yet sweet, the definitive lemonade for growups

267 Vodka Infusion Orange…delicate, enticing and floral

Luctor International
Country of Origin: HOLLAND

Vincent van Gogh Vodkas, Vincent van Gogh vodka-based liqueurs and Vincent van Gogh Gin have won more awards and received the highest ratings over any Vodkas.

Vincent van Gogh Vodka and Van Gogh Gin received the highest rating, 5 Stars, and ‘Superb’ from Wine Enthusiast. Van Gogh Gin further received the Highest Rated White Spirits in a 10 Year Review by Spirit Journal.

Van Gogh’s Pineapple received 4 Stars and ‘Superb’; Vanilla, 5 Stars and ‘Classic’; Dutch Chocolate, 4 Stars and ‘Superb’; Raspberry, 4 Stars and ‘Superb’; Citroen, 4 Stars and ‘Superb’; Oranje, 3 Stars and ‘Superb’

All products are imported from the Dirkzwager Distillery, in Schiedam Holland. Their multiple distillation process creates the most highly refined vodka resulting in a smooth finish. The Dirkzwager Distillery has a 125 year reputation of making the smoothest alcohols.


Vincent Van Gogh Vodka is handcrafted in small batches using the finest grains, which is a combination of mainly wheat and a little corn and barley. Our vodka is distilled twice in column stills and then a third time in a traditional potstill to produce a vodka of the highest refinement. The copper potstill takes “the bite” out of the alcohol, making the vodka very smooth. Purified water is superior over distilled water. When water is distilled, it takes the character out, and the water becomes a liquid without identity.


Vincent Van Gogh Oranje and Citroen are 80 proof, while Vincent Van Gogh Wild Appel, Dutch Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla and Pineapple are 70 proof. All Vincent Van Gogh Vodkas and Van Gogh Gin are made with the highest quality 196 proof distilled alcohol and all Vincent Van Gogh flavored Vodkas are double-infused during a 6-week long process.


Our Wild Appel Vodka is made from wild apples grown in abandoned apple orchards in Holland. Because they are wild apples, the apples are “harder” containing less sugar. Since the taste of an apple is not in its natural state very strong, we use wild apples because the flavor is more intense.


Our Dutch Chocolate Vodka is made from the finest chocolate: Dutch Chocolate. Centuries ago the Dutch traded for the best cocoa beans in the world. In Holland, the Frisian cows produce rich milk from the green grass grown in the lowlands. After combining these two ingredients, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka stands up to the centuries old chocolate reputation, a rich tradition reflecting quality and taste.


Our Vanilla Vodka is made from the finest Indonesian Vanilla Beans. Need we say more?


The raspberries that we use are grown in the southern part of Holland on islands called Zeeland. The ocean breeze makes the berries harder with less sugar but with more flavor.


Van Gogh Pineapple Vodka is made with the juiciest pineapples from the tropics.


Our Citrus Vodka is made from fresh Mediterranean lemons and limes. Perfect for mixing Cosmopolitans


We use exotic fresh Spanish Valencia and Mediterranean Blood Oranges to make our Orange Vodka.


  1. Applefest Sour Apple Liqueur
  2. Amsterdam Chocolate Liqueur
  3. Rhapsody Dutch Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur
  4. Triple Sec O’Magnifique – 30 proof
  5. Triple Sec Superieur – 80 proof
  6. Silhouette Vanilla Liqueur
  7. Sundance Pineapple Liqueur
  8. Sunsation Melon Liqueur

All Van Gogh vodka-based Liqueurs are vodka-based. Van Gogh vodka-based Liqueurs are specifically designed for making the finest martinis, blending perfectly with Van Gogh Vodkas because they are the only vodka-based Liqueurs on the market.


This is an exceedingly smooth gin with an alluring herbal aroma and soft finish and was the highest rated white spirit by the Spirit Journal (1999). Our master distiller, Tim Vos perfectly blended 10 herbs and botanicals: Angelica, Coriander, Grains of Paradise, Almond, Lemon, Liquorice, Juniper Berries, Cassia Bark, Orris, and Cubed Berries.

Each herb and botanical is distilled individually in a small pot still with a high proof alcohol, which creates a combination called oil. Each oil is stored in separate earthenware pots. Before the third distillation, the Master Distiller measures each oil to be added to the alcohol in the pot still. The oils and the alcohol are re-distilled together to create the gin.


Van Gogh’s patented 750 ML square-shouldered bottles are frosted white, etched, and feature some of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, depending upon the bottle. There are multiple silk-screened colors which are viewed in three dimensions as the bottle is turned.

The magnification of the vodka makes the pictures larger, creating a different scene when turning the bottle. Consumers consider the bottle “a work of art” and may keep the bottle as a decoration.

Spirit of Hartford
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Received a 96-100 rating from Wine Enthusiast Magazine in March 2005. F. Paul Pacult’s Spirits Journal recently awarded Xellent with top honors—5 Stars—Highest Recommendation as well as listing it as one of the Runners-up as Best White Spirit of 2004. “One of only three or four over $30 super premium vodkas that is actually worth the price tag; WOW” Wine Enthusiast Magazine. A triple distilled - to over 96% pure - bread quality rye vodka using Titlis Glacier water to create this award winning vodka which also won Double Gold at the 2005 San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Daucourt Martin Imports
Country of Origin: France

Introducing Jean-Marc™ XO: the Connoisseur's hand crafted, small batch Vodka.
Hand crafted by Jean-Marc Daucourt in the Cognac region of France, Jean-Marc™ XO Vodka marries cutting edge French spirits and winemaking techniques to create an extraordinary Vodka possessing a floral bouquet, complex & elegant wheat flavors, a silky texture and very long finish. It is distilled nine times in small batches, using traditional copper Alambic stills. The process takes several weeks from start to finish.
Four particular French wheat grains were chosen for their delicate and harmonious flavors. They are called Ysengrain, Orvantis, Azteque, and Chargeur. Each wheat grain is separated from its chaff before distillation in order to eliminate any bitterness. XO uses only pure Gensac spring water from the Cognac area, filtered naturally for centuries through Grande Champagne limestone. It is micro-oxygenated just after distillation. This innovative technique was borrowed from First Growth winemakers in nearby Bordeaux.
Finally, it is charcoal-filtered through Limousin oak, using special Daucourt family techniques learned over generations of spirits-making. Gold Medal winner at the 2005 San Francisco Spirits Competition; Platinum Medal from the International Review of Spirits; Rated 96 “Superlative and Best of 2004” by Tastings.com.

As reported by the Beverage Tasting Institute’s Gerald O’Kennard, “Brilliantly clear. Remarkably complex, sweet and perfumed floral, anise, and pastry dough aromas have a slightly herbal, citrus-like edge and are very forward and attractive. A rich, smooth entry leads to an oily, unctuous medium-full-bodied palate with vanilla frosting, wheat dough, and subtle nutmeg, almond, and anise flavors. Finishes effortlessly with a long, sweet powdered sugar and marzipan fade. A very interesting and intense product that pushes the envelope and definition of the unflavored vodka category, as this almost seems infused or crafted like a very mild, nouveau gin. This is a fantastic vodka and will make an outstanding martini”.

Record Vodka Rating (96 Points)  "Brilliantly clear. Remarkably complex, sweet and perfumed floral, anise, and pastry dough aromas have a slightly herbal, citrus-like edge and are very forward and attractive. A rich, smooth entry leads to an oily, unctuous medium-full-bodied palate with vanilla frosting, wheat dough, and subtle nutmeg, almond, and anise flavors. Finishes effortlessly with a long, sweet powdered sugar and marzipan fade. A very interesting and intense product that pushes the envelope and definition of the unflavored vodka category, as this almost seems infused or crafted like a very mild, nouveau gin. This is a fantastic vodka and will make an outstanding martini."

"The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences just doesn't give it's Five Star Rating to any Vodka. In fact they found only one worthy of this honor. Jean-Marc XO Vodka (is) the only premium vodka worldwide to achieve the Highest Level of Quality." -- AAHS Award inscription, 2006.  XO has also been named Vodka of the Year by the Beverage Testing Institute and won a Platinum Medal from the International Review of Spirits

Daucourt Martin Imports
Country of Origin: France

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur is a sensuous fusion of Ultra Premium French Vodka & Provence Blood Orange mingling with Mango and Passion Fruits.

Daucourt Martin Imports LLC
Country of Origin:     France

 X-Rated Vodka is distilled seven times from French Wheat and Roseberry Grain--100% organic and GE free.  Won the Double Gold at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition