The Polished Palate Presents Spirits of Mexico 2010


SOM Awards

5th Annual Spirits of Mexico Agave Tasting Competition
September 12 & 13 Hacienda Hotel, Old Town San Diego

Best Western Hacienda Hotel Old Town San Diego


2010 Winner Eric P. Lorenz on how winning a seat on the SOM Tasting Competition has affected his life….

I can honestly say that winning a seat on the 2010 Spirits of MexicoCompetition Judging Panel changed my life.  Really, you ask?  Really.  Participating in the panel first helped me realize that I had a pretty decent nose and palate, and that with time and with the right mentorship and instruction, I could train those senses to become even better.  I also realized that the still-untapped niche for tequila, mezcal and other agave spirits in Western Canada had pretty much no chance of being filled any time soon unless I found someone to do it.  After discussing this with a few interested tequileros, they helped me realize that I had already found the right person for the job - me!  So, I formed a company ( Lorenz Agave Spirits ) to import tequilas, obtained my importer's license for BC, and am happy to say that I'm now importing some of the exciting brands featured at this year's Spirits of Mexico into British Columbia. 

But much more importantly than that, I believe that raising awareness of agave spirits among the public, restaurateurs, bartenders & mixologists, and buyers at Canada's provincially-run liquor distribution boards is essential to help create the kind of tequila explosion in Canada that we're witnessing in the West of the USA.  For that reason, I'm personally reaching out to these communities, and also offering tasting seminars, tequila & mezcal dinner pairing events, bar staff training, and tequila curriculum development for hospitality schools, and other forms of agave spirits education.  I also have been improving upon my own education with help from WSET , the CRT , various Mesomerican archaeologists, and the extremely generous distilleries and tequileros we visited during the April 2011 Blue Agave Forum trip to Jalisco - because no matter how much we know, we can all learn from others with more experience and knowledge.  Tequila certainly has a long road to travel to make it big in Canada, but we're off to a great start - and the opportunity to be of service as a guest judge for the Spirits of Mexico Competition really helped to jump-start my efforts. Good luck to this year’s contestants!

Reprinted with permission

Contest Rules

Write a brief and original essay on why we should consider you as a judge for the Spirits of Mexico Competition this year. The original 500 to 1000-word essay, created exclusively for the 2011 Competition, should convince us that you are the person who will benefit most from the opportunity to taste as many as 100+ Mexican spirits, along with industry executives.

The essay should display your knowledge of, appreciation for and experience with tequila, mezcal, sotol, bacanora and other Mexican spirits. Wit, humor and style welcomed.

The essay must be written in English, be available electronically through email, a standard word processing program, pdf or other easily transferable format. Proofread your essay carefully as it will be judged on creativity, spelling and grammar.

Decision of the judges is final.  Employees of any spirit supplier or distributor are not eligible.

Send to by June 10, 2011


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