Chunky Sanchez and Los Alacranes

Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez was born to Mexican immigrant parents in the desert town of Blythe, California. He grew up nourished by the Mexican corridors (ballads) his mother sang to him while she strummed her guitar.  As a teen he joined the farm worker struggle and walked picket lines for Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers Union.  In 1969 he was recruited along with other farm worker youths to attend San Diego State University. There he would develop his talents as a musician and culture worker. For the next 35 years Chunky Sanchez would become the unofficial bard of San Diego’s Chicano community. He and his band, Los Alacranes (Scorpions), shunned mainline commercial venues, opting instead to perform at street fairs, rallies, fundraisers and family celebrations. Sanchez has written songs about social struggles such as Rising Souls (“You gotta educate, not incarcerate.”)  Chicano Park, and humorous pieces such as “Chorizo Sandwich.”  Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez is also an elder in his community and an expert on gang prevention and community organization.

Chunky’s first original Latino hit “ Chicano Park Samba ” was a musical tribute to the famous Logan Heights Community Park takeover on April 22, 1970. Therefore, when the San Diego City Council decided to change the name of Crosby Street to Cesar E. Chavez Parkway, alongside Chicano Park, was fitting because of the community pride and activism Chavez inspired in San Diego and perhaps an indirect homage taken from one of his biggest supporters, Chunky Sanchez of Chicano Park.

Chunky y Los Alacranes at the San Diego Fiesta del Sol 
‘Linda Chicana’ by Chunky y Los Alacranes
‘Guantanamera’ by Chunky y Los Alacranes
A night with Chunky y Los Alacranes and El Perdido Tequila




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