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RumFest NYC 2005


On Monday night, November 14, Rum, Rhum, Ron & Cachacas from the world over will gather at LQ in NYC to bring you a taste of their country’s signature styles. Sip and sway to Latin rhythms and savor Latasian Fajitas, Sugar Cane Shrimp, Papitas Rellanas, Bamboo steamed shrimp dumplings, Arepas and other culinary delights from the LQ Chef de Cuisine. You will find rare and highly prized offerings at our Silent Auction which 100% benefits the Sky Ranch Foundation and the troubled teens being cared for at Sky Ranch for Boys. For each ticket sold, the Polished Palate will donate $5 to the Katrina Fund . Goody Bags will be reserved for the first 300 ticket purchasers only.

Rhum’s the word for 2006, 2007”… proclaims F. Paul Pacult in the current issue of Spirit Journal. “It may become the edition that will be remembered as a herald for the emergence of non-Puerto Rican white rums, especially those from the French-controlled islands of Martinique and Guadaloupe.”

‘Rum’, distilled from wine fermented from sugar cane juice, sugar cane syrup, or fermented molasses differs from its French cousins in that ‘Rhum’ begins with only freshly-squeezed sugar cane juice.

Rum dates back to the 1630s on the island of Barbados . Since then, Barbadian rum has flourished, thanks in large part to the continuing efforts of R.L. Seale &Company” states Robert Plotkin of Bar Media. Foursquare Spiced Rum, a ‘carnival for the senses’ Mr. Plotkin furthers, is a blend of molasses-based Bajan rums, barrel-aged a minimum of 2 years and steeped with a mix of ground nutmeg, cinnamon & vanilla.

Doorly’s XO is aged for a second time in Spanish Oloroso Sherry oak barrels, winning it two Gold Medals at the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition and a Gold at the Mond Selection 2003/04. Doorly’s also brings their 5 Year old expression. E.S.A. Field, named after its creator Edward Samuel Allison Field, is by far the most popular and best selling rum in Barbados . It represents a unique quality of white rum preferred for its clean crisp palate. R.L. Seale’s Limited Quantity Finest 10 Year Old Chairman’s Reserve is in a class of its own, with a mélange of butternut & light vanilla taste and almond hints at the finish.

Ever wonder why those exotic cocktails made in Caribbean countries taste different stateside? The secret revealed is Velvet Falernum. This famous Bajan “Gold Medal” beverage and mixer, with a uniquely refreshing flavor, was developed by John D. Taylor of Bridgetown Barbados in 1890. Born and bred on the island, this slightly alcoholic sugar cane based liquor is a staple of every Bajan bar. Its special taste comes from a refined infusion of lime laced with fine cane syrup and ‘botanicals’ including almonds and cloves.

“Lightning bolt born in Brazil exclaimed the LA Times on September 7. Charles Perry, LA Times staff writes, “ Following a now-familiar pattern in the spirits world, , the Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane juice, has made a heady move up the social ladder in recent years. Like those other better-known New World distillates, rum and tequila, (ka-SHAH-sa) was originally a working man's drink but has lately been taken to new, more sophisticated heights by ambitious producers. Although very few of the thousands of s made in Brazil are available in the United States , the drink is catching on here. It's part of the international fascination with all things Brazilian, and it's showing up in the U.S. not only at Brazilian restaurants but also at fashionable bars and liquor retailers”.

David Catania, entrepreneur and importer of Fazenda Mae de Ouro is betting that the above is true . “In Brazil there are countless distillers and several of the major Brazilian brands can be found at your local liquor store here in the U.S. I wanted to import the authentic, traditional, small-batch stuff that Brazilian Americans bring back in the bottom of their suitcases. I knew I had the right one when after my first taste I just couldn’t put it down.”

Rum, Rhum, Ron, Cachaca, Rum Creams, White, Dark, Premium, Super-Premium, Spiced, Flavored, Overproof…join the Inner Circle and taste Award-Winning Stand-up rums from Down-Under.

The festivities begin at 5:30 for VIP’s & Press. General admissions begins at 6:30 . The event ends at 9:30PM . Tickets can be purchased on-line at The Polished Palate. Prices are $50 pp in advance, all major credit cards accepted. Tickets at the door are $60pp and cash only. Must be 21 years or older to attend event. Photo ID mandatory.