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October 13, 2011

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Creative Director and Managing partner of Randolph @ Broome in lower Manhattan,
Shane Tison wants to make the right cocktail for you. Maintaining the standards of one of New York's more esteemed fresh ingredient classic cocktail lounges can be attributed to former experience cooking pastry for Chez Nous Bistro, Barista/management at Little City Espresso bar and personal chef for Paul Carrozza and the entire Runtex family in Austin TX.

The move to New York in Oct. of 2006 as a barber at Freemans Sporting Club led to the involvement with lower Manhattans classic cocktail community. A year later he found himself creatively directing the Randolph lounge, which led to using previous experiences and personal influence with flavor profiles to create beverage menus, cocktails and punches for recent cocktail publications, esteemed culinary blogs and events internationally recognized. Shane has been recognized by Starchefs and The Absinthe Buyers Guide to name a few.

"I grew up in Texas. First thing I learned in the kitchen is that skillets get hot when they've been on the stove too long. Temperature is an ingredient. That applies to coffee, cocktails, brisket and Blue Bell ice crea... I spent most of my time in the anonymous confines of the kitchen. But given the opportunity to interact with my guests behind the bar I relish the opportunity to execute taste as well as heed the council "Be all things to all people" and don't forget "The saloons door swings both ways."