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Philip Soto Mares
CEO, Founder
Tequila El Duende Tequila, Inc.

El Perdido Tequila (formerly El Duende)

Philip Soto Mares Phillip Soto Mares (Felipe) has been involved in the making of tequila since 1994 when he first started making small batches under the tutelage of his uncle Roberto Mares in Atequiza, Jalisco, Mexico. In the interim he developed significant contacts in the tequila industry and continued his education by graduating from the Academia Mexicana Del Tequila, A.C. He is only one of 100 persons in the world to be certified as a Catador and the only certified Catador based outside of Mexico.  Felipe served as the President of La Academia Mexicana del Tequila, USA, which was established in [2006]. La Academia Mexicana del Tequila was established to educate the tequila consumer on how to select 100% de agave tequila, how to recognize the different characteristics of tequila and to learn the history and traditions of tequila culture.

Prior to focusing on the tequila industry, Felipe designed and constructed a 6,000 sq. ft. production facility for Natures Choice Shampoo Company in 1999-2001 and served as production manager for 2 years. He formulated products in health care and cosmetic industries and ultimately oversaw the formulating and manufacture of these products.  2001-2003 Felipe oversaw the design and construction of a battery additive facility for Battery Equaliser.