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Who IS “The tequila Whisperer”?
Lippy was in middle management at an anonymous San Francisco corporate graphics company where he toiled long and tedious hours refining someone *else’s* dreams.  Suddenly, in MIDDLE AGE, he was introduced to GOURMET TEQUILA and was immediately transformed.  His world blossomed from a monotoned grayscale to brilliant saturated color in the space of a single, magical sip!

Newly inspired, he quit his job and headed straight for Jalisco, Mexico to learn firsthand about all phases of tequila production and tasting techniques from the Tequila Masters.  Many happy sips and intrepid tequila journeys later, he brings his particularly singular “take” on tequila and the Spirits lifestyle every week on his LIVE webcast, “The Tequila Whisperer Show”.
You’ll be happy to know that Lippy delights in leading rollicking tastings for your business or in-house events.  He’s also a master “Tequilero” at helping you start your own custom tequila “Treasure Bar” stocked with out-of-print brands and rare vintages of tequila.

You can reach him at Lippy@TequilaWhisperer.com and you can view archives of his weekly show at www.TequilaWhisperer.com.

Upcoming Events
Spirits of Mexico NY
New York, NY
October 13, 2011

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