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Larry Auman has been in the bar business for over 20 years. From New Jersey to Miami to Los Angeles and is now a Bar/Restaurant owner in San Diego. Larry’s interest in Tequila began in the early 80s sparked by a 2 year sabbatical of travel through Mexico’s historic agave rich towns. Larry studied the smells, taste and the art of tequila throughout his travels and continues to refine his pallet gaining an appreciation for the science and art of true 100% agave distillation.

Mr. Auman is a seeker of knowledge and makes a habit of looking past flashy marketing and advertising in his quest for flavorful more rounded tequilas. In the past 3 years Mr. Aumans vision, Cantina Mayahuel located in San Diego (www.cantinamayahuel) has become a successful hub for tequila aficionados, enthusiasts and collectors. Except for the days spent traveling through distilleries in Mexico, Mr. Auman can be found daily on both sides of his bar talking and educating his friends, enthusiasts and the general public as well as himself about his number one passion, tequila.

Upcoming Events
Spirits of Mexico NY
New York, NY
October 13, 2011

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