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Khrys Maxwell was introduced to really good tequila in 1999; it was fresh, crisp, sweet and earthy, and it changed his life. He learned that tequila made of 100% agave, not only tasted a lot better than the other products he had been drinking, but the mornings after were better too. It also taught him to sip and savor the Nectar of the Gods.

While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2004, Khrys was given a great Tequila 101 lesson at J&J Habanos. He returned home enlightened with some new found knowledge, as well as some great bottles of tequila. A few months later he bought and read the books “Tequila: the Spirit of Mexico” by Enrique Martínez Limón and “The Book of Tequila – A Complete Guide” by Bob Emmons that helped him to prepare for his eventual long term journey into tequila and other agave spirits. In 2005 Khrys became a member of the Blue Agave Forum where he found a wealth of knowledge, and attended his first tequila related events: the Spirits of Mexico, the Tijuana Tequila Expo, and the Los Angeles Tequila Festival. It was at the Spirits of Mexico where he discovered good Mezcal and Sotol. Khrys also learned the importance of having the discipline to taste and spit, as there are a lot of samples at these events.

During the spring of 2006, Khrys made his first visit to Jalisco, Mexico with a trip to the town of Tequila and his first distillery. That summer, Khrys began working at BevMo (a large liquor chain on the west coast), and in order to make the best suggestions possible for customers based on what they wanted, he began to expand his palate and knowledge even further. Khrys journeyed back to Jalisco in the spring of 2007, this time with some of his fellow Blue Agave Forum members for a week long pilgrimage to tour about 12 distilleries. Since then, Khrys has made the annual pilgrimage to Jalisco each year, as well as a couple of times on his own. In total, Khrys has visited around 30 different tequila distilleries and plans on visiting mezcal distilleries in the near future.

In the six short years since 2004, Khrys has learned to appreciate and understand each style of agave spirit, as well as the terroir and the various methods of production. In 2008 Khrys began to give private tequila tastings, contributed an article for Chilled Magazine’s tequila issue, became a moderator for the Blue Agave Forum, and in 2009 he gave his first seminar for the Spirits of Mexico. Khrys Maxwell is truly passionate about agave spirits; their history, traditions, cultures, the towns where they are made, and sharing that information with others.

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Spirits of Mexico NY
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October 13, 2011

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