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Garrett Peck, author of The Prohibition Hangover, is a freelance writer for the alcoholic beverage industry and guest speaker on alcohol issues. He also leads the Temperance Tour of Prohibition-related sites in Washington, DC, which has been highlighted on Maryland Public Television's "Artworks This Week" and on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU for Repeal Day 2008 (25 minute audio segment on Windows Media and iTunes ). You can also hear Garrett on a short feature about "Taxes and Alcohol" on MetroConnection.

The Prohibition Hangover

About The Prohibition Hangover

“The Prohibition Hangover is about the changing role of alcohol in American society since Repeal.  The book’s strength is its primary research, as I interviewed hundreds of people on all sides of the alcohol debate -– clergy, bar owners, public health advocates, alcohol beverage industry representatives, even Juanita Swedenburg, who successfully led her interstate wine shipment lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court.  I live just outside Washington, DC.  The nation’s capital is an excellent place to research alcohol, as most of the alcohol trade groups are here.”

Advance purchase is available at www.prohibitionhangover.com

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