Forrest Cokely

Forrest Cokely has been involved in the food and beverage industry for decades, doing everything from entertainment, prep, barrista, training, service and cook — all the way to creating 'branded' drinks and writing for multiple outlets. While working in entertainment, restaurants, cafes, bars and retail he has been called upon to judge International Spirits competitions, Mixology competitions, Lead Workshops/ Tastings / Trainings, Create Branded Cocktails/Beverages for Bars / Restaurants / Events / Fundraisers / Parties / Competitions and a bunch of other ‘stuff’. (Forrest is sure that he is forgetting something)!

Forrest works as a liquor specialist by day at the largest liquor store on the west coast, Hi Time Wine Cellars and he writes the Spirits Page of the Monthly Newsletter (60,000 issues a month, every month except December)

He plans the Spirits tastings and a multitude of other fun things and is a Member of the Ministry of Rum Connoisseurs Cabinet, a Member of Rum XP (Expert Panel) and participates on multiple Liquor / Spirits / Mixology / Bar Culture forums.

Forrest is a founding (board) member/Keyholder for The Bartenders Cabinet, Multiple Award Winning Mixologist, member in good standing of the Cocktail Hall of Fame Society and a diligent spirits and cocktail fanatic.

Upcoming Events
Spirits of Mexico NY
New York, NY
October 13, 2011

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