2010 Winner
‘Win a Seat on the Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition Judging Panel’

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Eric Lorenz, Principal of Lorenz Agave Spirits , is a tequila and mezcal aficionado, importer , writer , and educator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was offered the incredible experience to be the first ever “guest judge” at Spirits of Mexico 2010, which broadened his tequila experience and his palate considerably. To fulfill his passion for turning others into tequila lovers, he holds tequila tastings for the general public, friends, colleagues, and private events and offers tequila training for bar and hospitality staff in Vancouver and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Eric holds certifications from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and the Tequila Regulatory Council , and has introduced many Canadians to agave spirits by sharing his favorite tequilas and mezcals neat, in margaritas and other cocktails, or paired with regional Mexican cuisine. His other favorite beverages include rum/rhum, West Coast and Italian wines, and artisan-crafted beer. Mr. Lorenz' publication credits include over twenty articles and abstracts in various academic and medical journals from a previous career as a health researcher, and is currently pursuing another graduate degree in archaeology with a focus on fermented beverages in ancient Mesoamerica.

Eric P. Lorenz
Lorenz Agave Spirits | www.agavespirits.ca
Canada's National Tequila Examiner
Presenter, Spirits of Mexico 2011 Festival
Guest Judge, Spirits of Mexico 2010 Agave Tasting Competition
Mobile: 604-836-4319

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