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Diana Barrera’s career in marketing and events were not as exciting as her passion for Tequila. Making a decision to pursue it as a business, she began to study everything she could find on this magical spirit. Researching, studying, speaking to industry insiders confirmed the fact that a market existed for independent Tequila Information and related services.

She traveled to Mexico to meet with Tequila producers, Brand owners, Government officials and industry insiders to continue her education. She has spent countless hours visiting distilleries in the Tequila regions, walking Agave fields, meeting Tequila patriarchs, master distillers and generational jimadors. She was able to gain inside knowledge of Tequila history from the source. Enamored and determined she set out to share the story.

Traveling regularly to Mexico, creating Tequila related events and providing up to date Tequila information on her website www.agavegal.com are allowing her the opportunity to fulfill her passion.

Since embarking on this endeavor Diana has had the opportunity to host Tastings and Tequila 101 events in Los Angeles,Visalia, Fresno and Las Vegas featuring such premium brands as Penca Azul, 4 Copas, 3 Amigos, Partida, Herradura and Fortaleza to name a few. In addition she is developing a Tequila Festival to be held in Sayulita, Mexico in 2010.

Continuing her education by traveling regularly to Mexico, attending educational events, researching, speaking regularly to officials with the CRT along with industry insiders, she is confident she is a true Tequila Ambassador.


Upcoming Events
Spirits of Mexico NY
New York, NY
October 13, 2011

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