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Founder and creator of International Tasting Group (ITG), Chris serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board. He is accountable for developing and executing the educational tasting platforms, the national sales plans, brand appointment and portfolio management, appointment and management of wholesale distributors, marketing and promotion.

Born in Philadelphia, PA, Chris is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where he majored in marketing & promotions management. His prolific career in the sales and marketing of alcoholic beverages now spans over 30 years, working with both domestic and global partners in over 11 countries. Among the many alcoholic beverage companies that Chris has worked with are Miller Brewing Company, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Molson Breweries, Cervecería Nacionál Dominicana, Cervecería India, San Miguel Corporation, Asahi Breweries, Carlton United Breweries and Taunton Cider PLC.

During his career, Chris has excelled in a variety of sales and marketing positions. He has successfully introduced and managed many alcoholic beverage brands in several categories, including domestic premium, regional, specialty, imported super premium, and many other smaller niche brands.


International Tasting Group (ITG) is an importer, broker and developer of craft beverage alcohol. Utilizing proprietary packaging, display and an interactive web based education process, ITG showcases and markets distinctive Artisanal brands of ultra-premium and craft alcoholic beverages. TequilaRack™ ( www.TequilaRack.com ) is ITG’s first trademarked platform that provides retailers with a complete Tequila Flight system for their patrons.

Through ITG’s network of dedicated spirits sites like www.DiscoverTequila.com and www.DiscoverMezcal.com , wholesale distributors are able to quickly identify and choose from a variety of brokered brands to build an appropriate portfolio to meet the needs of their retail customers. This portfolio approach allows distributors to efficiently manage inventory while building sales of artisanal Spirits products.

ITG is a services-oriented company that provides the importing, legal, sales and marketing expertise for its affiliated brands. The employees and advisors of ITG are industry professionals with over 300 years of combined experience in the importing, administration, sales, and marketing aspects of beverage alcohol products, in the U.S. and abroad.


ITG is dedicated to promoting the culture, prestige, and knowledge of 100% Agave and other Artisan beverage alcohol products throughout the U.S. while promoting trust, credibility, and sense of team among all of its business partners.

PS: We also like to drink our products.

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