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Carlos Ruiz’s love for Tequila has always played a major role in his life. Despite its reputation as a party drink, tequila is a complex beverage that has a lot to offer and has many similarities to wine. A few years ago Carlos’ love for tequila would begin on an academic level. While working in Tucson, AZ for The JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort in Salud, a Lobby Lounge that offers over 160 Tequila’s.

In the last four years Carlos has hosted an array of different Tequilas at the JW Marriott. In addition to a wide verity of Tequilas, he has been the host and face of a small story “The Legend of Arriba, Abajo Toast” in Arizona. Since the opening of the property, they have been toasting to this legend with a different selection of Tequilas from the Lobby Lounge every evening at dusk.

Mr. Ruiz’s love for Tequila would bring him back home to San Diego, Ca, where he would be certified by the Mexican Academy of Tequila, U.S.A. He was one of the few and first people to be certified in the US. From there Carlos has used his knowledge and in depth understanding of the process to instruct Tequila Tasting/Classes every Saturday @ Salud.

His Tequila Classes have been featured in several newspapers, magazines and websites. Carlos has been training and traveling through different cities spreading his love for Tequila and introducing the sophistication that it has to offer.

You can find Carlos at JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa

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