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Arnulfo Quintero, founder of Reserva Quintero, was born in Los Angeles, CA and inspired by the land where his family is from, Tonaya Jalisco Mexico, known asTierra del Mezcal. Traveling to Tonaya at a young age and his closeness to the Destilado De Agave process instilled his dream to produce his own traditional brand. What he had in mind was to come up with a smooth creation with rich Agave character made with 100% Blue Weber Agave. He knew that in order to meet his goal he had to follow the traditional techniques used in Tonaya Jalisco since the early 1900’s. In 2000 Arnulfo began his business by planting Blue Weber Agave. In 2008 he began distilling a few liters and in 2009 Reserva Quintero was introduced to the U.S market. In Tonaya Jalisco, Mezcal was produced until the rights to Mezcal went to the state of Oaxaca, resulting in the name change to Destilado De Agave. Since we are in the state of Jalisco we could name our product Tequila, but we would have had to change our traditional techniques thus resulting in a different flavor.

The harvesting and production process is very similar to tequila. Reserva Quintero uses the same type of agave that is used for tequila (Blue Weber Agave), and, after harvesting, the agave is baked in an above-ground Brick oven. (The agave for mezcal is roasted in stone pits where the piñas are covered with agave fiber.) The baked agave is then shredded. The shredded agave fiber are put into a basket (petaca) that is put into a fermentation tank where it ferments (without added chemicals) for 7-10 days. It is then transferred into a below-ground copper still for a single distillation. The first few liters of distillate are returned to the still in order to reduce the amount of methanol. The final product is put into stainless steel tanks and is then bottled (for silver) or rested in French oak barrels. The reposado is aged for 6-8 months and the añejo is rested for 12-18 months. Reserva Quintero is bottled at 70 proof (35% alcohol by volume). Arnulfo Quintero says the unique fermentation and single distillation process gives the spirit a “more smooth and rich Agave flavor and smell.”

Reserva Quintero is quite an experience at half or third the price of its true competitors. Arnulfo Quintero is a man on a mission, a mission to bring the fine art of Destilado De Agave Agave Spirit to the tequila world.

Tequila Examiner – “Reserva Quintero is a flavor-packed 100% Agave-based spirit that defies classification”

San Francisco World Spirits Competition – 2010 Bronze medal winner

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