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Mr. Gama brings to the trade, thirty years of food, spirits and beer product development experience, organizing and directing distribution and sales efforts through all industry trade channels.  Following his graduation from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, Alfredo began achieving his career goals at Kraft Foods as a Key Account Manager, Miller Brewing Corporate as an Account Executive, Young’s Market Company as the First Hispanic V.P. Division Manager, and Pernod Ricard as the First Multicultural Manager in charge of Hispanic, Asian and African American business. Alfredo joined Wine Warehouse two year ago as their Business Development Manager for Spirits to help develop WW spirits portfolio. 

Alfredo’s work, experience and passion for Tequila is very extensive:

  • Corralejo Tequila - Introduced Tripled Distilled Corralejo Tequila into the US
  • Cazadores Tequila – Created and developed some of the first US promotional programs for this tequila that grew to the fifth largest tequila in the world
  • Jose Cuervo Tequila – Introduced JC Tradicional Tequila Conjelado into the US
  • Herradura Tequila – Sold, Promoted and Executed Herradura and El Jimador Tq
  • Ocho Tequila – Kicked off the first ever single state Tequila in California
  • Business visits to most Large Tequila Distilleries in Jalisco and Guanajuato
  • Currently helping to develop the following great Wine Warehouse Tequilas:
  1. Hacienda Vieja – Owned by Don Felix Bunuelos / Ex-Owner of Cazadores Tequila
  2. Fortaleza – Owned by Guillermo Sauza / 5 th Generation Sauza Family making Tequila the way his tataraguelo use to 130 years ago
  3. Esperanto - # three selling Tequila in Mexico’s Duty Free stores
  4. Rebano Sagrado – Introduced into the US the first Chivas de Guadalajara looking bottle
  5. Penca Azul – Owned by the Ruiz Family making Artisanal Tequila for four Generations. Each bottle is hand blown by Ipolito Gutierrez / Foremost in this category
  6. Oro Azul – First developed Distillery by Don Pedro Camarenas in Los Altos de Jalisco. Now owned by his down line / Familia Lopez Garibay’
  7. Margaritaville – Now owned by Sazerac Co. Original owner was the legendary Jimmy Buffett (3 rd only to Jose Cuervo and Sauza)
  8. Pepe Sevada – Only Tequila that is aged in Canadian Oak and the pinas are baked instead of steamed
  9. Los Azulejos – The rich history of Azulejo tiles has inspired this ultra-premium Tequila with an equally hand-crafted quality
  10. Don Anastacio – Of an exceptional and unique taste, this Tequila comes with a beautiful semi-handcrafted bottle which symbolizes the pride of a man , Don Anastacio
  11. La Quinta – The best selling Agave Wine / 24% proof
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